Bullying Works

I have a pair of contrasting anecdotes for you, both taken from acquaintances of mine. I’ll call them Dexter and Chad. Both of them suffer from Asperger’s syndrome, and I watched both of them grow up from childhood to young adulthood. Dexter was a little runt of a kid, and he grew up skinny, short, […]

Sexual Status, for Autistic Libertarians

I’ve seen a few libertarians around the ‘sphere question the existence of ‘sexual status’ or even the ‘sexual market’, so it’s time to set the record straight on that. I don’t quite understand your pathological aversion to the unquantifiable, but luckily for you I can speak your uncouth language. Just as the ‘market value’ of […]

Socialism and Capitalism

There is no fundamental difference between a state that owns a corporation and a corporation that owns the state. In the absence of a state institution that has absolute authority, people with money will end up buying the state. In an ancap paradise, with functionally no government, one corporation or a partnership of corporations will […]

The Centralization Trap

Or why you need aristocracy. Kings in the 17th century got the idea, generally, that they could stabilize their rule by cutting out the feudal nobility and consolidating their power. This represented a kind of ‘pure’ monarchy that kings had occasionally aspired to, and which was discussed in medieval political theory as the ideal state […]

The Spiritual Physiognomy of African Man

This is a Spenglerian critique, and as such I’ll be operating with Spengler’s practice of “spiritual physiognomy”. Physiognomy simply means “knowing from the physical”, and was a branch of science (once popular, long “discredited”, and thus most likely true), which asserted that one can predict a person’s inner characteristics from their physical appearance. Physiognomy of […]

Disowning the Greeks

I feel like this is an entirely quixotic mission, but it’s something that ought to be put out there nonetheless: The ancient Greeks and Romans are not part of Western culture. Homer is no more a part of the Western canon than the Bhagvad Gita or the Tao Te Ching. When I see something like […]


The traditional award of prime inheritance rights to the firstborn son strikes most moderns as arbitrary and unnecessary. Like most traditions of medieval times, of course, there was very good reason for it. Actually, there were a few: The first and prime reason has to do with political stability. In this case the firstborn is […]