Rectification of Names: “Gays”

Frame is important. We need a reactionary frame on issues and not a modernist one. Don’t take too much issue with my use of “modernist” by the way. Duh, I like technological modernity. But in art, Modernism stood for the dismantling of tradition and the atomization of perspective, which you cannot really personally escape as […]

Rape and Sexual Regulation

I’ve been doing some research into the way rape was regarded historically. Initially I was only looking at the way rape was legally defined, but then realized that I was entirely missing the point. Say that a historian, five hundred years from now, looked merely at our legal codes to determine our attitude towards rape. […]

Abortion Rhetoric for Normies

To use on normies that is. Not the single liberal women, you’re not going to convince them, but you can trigger them and convince the onlooker. The pro-abortion crowd doesn’t have a leg to stand on as far as logic goes; every argument they use is squid ink to disguise an infanticidal instinct which is […]

Game Advice

  This could be a massive post full of anecdotes with everything I know and have learned, but I’ve realized over the years that game really boils down to three simple things, and everything else is nerdy min-maxing. Pass her shit tests Don’t show weakness Dominate other men These three things require that you have […]