Ideas Never Rule

Curtis Yarvin (subscribing gives me the dox heebies and I’m not giving him any shekels at the moment, but I have friends who provide) says that ape shall not rule over man and advocates for a “cozy revolution”. Logo on twitter claims that men of ideas drive history, and that men of action dance on […]

Blaq Violence & Aidan’s Guide to Da Streetz

Blacks get extremely pissed when the cops arrest and kill them because they are used to getting away with crimes. They resist arrest because they are used to getting let off the hook. If I could estimate, based on my experience living and working in a big city, blacks get away with 90% of the […]

John Smith, Autists, BAP, and Vae Victis

I say stuff like this. People might assume I’m anti-technology or anti-nerd. Spandrell, commenting on the same tweet I was, said that blacksmiths, despite keeping everyone alive for thousands of years, were treated as pariahs. This was certainly true in Ancient Greece; the “lame blacksmith” was a stereotype for a reason. Men who got crippled […]

Final Notes on the WQ

I’ve posted most of these insights in other comment sections, on twitter, or in DMs and personal correspondence, but I’m back to put a few necessary thoughts where they belong lest they be lost or go unseen. First, I’m somewhat disheartened by the rage and bitterness that seems all too common among the red-pilled. I […]

No Cops

Last time the doctors. Now the cops. File this under “Agreeing with leftists for the wrong reasons”. The cops are not a good institution with a few bad apples among them, as any normie, left or right, will tell you. The modern police force is in fact a completely illegitimate institution. Not because they oppress […]

The Absolute State of Healthcare

Where do I even start with this one. How about this: 75% of medical costs in the US are spent on people in their last year of life. And I don’t have to tell you, but that’s an astronomical sum of money. Now, it’s your damn money, and your business if you want to spend […]

Why I Post Less

This blog (I hate the word) is named what it is for a reason. I began it to take a whack at all those who try to reason out of our problems from a modernist frame. “Setting the Record Straight” I have been posting less not because I have run out of things to say, […]

Proles, Carpetbaggers, and Reaction

The slick cityboy carpetbagger goes to the small town and tells the working men there that he is going to improve their lives, make them better, make them richer, they just have to do this that and the other thing that ends up enriching the carpetbagger and ruining the proles. The slick communist intellectual brings […]

Chronicle of King Donald I

It is easier to think about Trump and his presidency through the lens of ancient politics rather than filter it through the illusion of modern democratic politics. Hence this post. If one has the haze and illusion of democratic politics clouding his vision, it looks like Trump is not getting much done. Almost counterintuitively, it […]