Abortion Rhetoric for Normies

To use on normies that is. Not the single liberal women, you’re not going to convince them, but you can trigger them and convince the onlooker. The pro-abortion crowd doesn’t have a leg to stand on as far as logic goes; every argument they use is squid ink to disguise an infanticidal instinct which is […]

Game Advice

  This could be a massive post full of anecdotes with everything I know and have learned, but I’ve realized over the years that game really boils down to three simple things, and everything else is nerdy min-maxing. Pass her shit tests Don’t show weakness Dominate other men These three things require that you have […]

Monogamy is not Socialism

This short post was transplanted from my comment at Jim’s blog and deserves its own airing. I alluded to monogamy not being socialism in a previous post but this is where I explain it. Monogamy is more like capitalism than socialism, a transaction rather than the assignment of goods by command. Pussy for military service […]


Like Whiggery, nationalism is now considered a right-wing ideology though it spent a great deal of its history in opposition to established tradition and social order. We must rectify some names before we begin. Much of what is now called nationalism is in fact agrarian populism, summed up in the wonderful name of the French […]

Where Hence, Art?

We have many good reactionary theories of politics, but we need to start thinking about art in a slightly more sophisticated way than “old equals good”. It is true, old does equal good and you will find many eternal truths of staggering beauty in ancient works of art. However it is equally true that while […]

Patriarchy Masterpost

I am tired of hearing people say that they want the patriarchy back, and then when someone proposes policy which is part of patriarchy, crucial to patriarchy, they start to sound a lot like progressives, claiming that certain social technologies are barbaric, medieval, outdated, that we’ve moved forward since then. Generally, these are the kinds […]

PUA Is Unnatural

A man walks into a bar. There, he sees an unmarried woman, unchaperoned by another man, though she might be accompanied by other young unmarried women. He likes what he sees, so he saunters up to make her acquaintance and talk her into the sack, trading witty banter over the rim of a cocktail. In […]