Proles, Carpetbaggers, and Reaction

The slick cityboy carpetbagger goes to the small town and tells the working men there that he is going to improve their lives, make them better, make them richer, they just have to do this that and the other thing that ends up enriching the carpetbagger and ruining the proles. The slick communist intellectual brings […]

Chronicle of King Donald I

It is easier to think about Trump and his presidency through the lens of ancient politics rather than filter it through the illusion of modern democratic politics. Hence this post. If one has the haze and illusion of democratic politics clouding his vision, it looks like Trump is not getting much done. Almost counterintuitively, it […]

Test of Your Game: Answer Key

D/C B D A C A D Yeah, this took a long time. My bad. Now I can start replying to commenters on the first post. Didn’t want to spoil the answers. 1:C/D D is what I would do today, though I would have done it much earlier, but you get credit for C as […]

Mental Illness

The vast majority of mental illnesses are fake. First we should rectify our names. I define mental illness as profound disconnection from reality. For example, say you feel depressed. If your wife just died, well, that’s not mental illness. You have a very good reason, in actual reality, to feel crushed. If you feel depressed, […]

Rectification of Names: “Gays”

Frame is important. We need a reactionary frame on issues and not a modernist one. Don’t take too much issue with my use of “modernist” by the way. Duh, I like technological modernity. But in art, Modernism stood for the dismantling of tradition and the atomization of perspective, which you cannot really personally escape as […]