We are not Rome…

We are Carthage.

Why do I draw this comparison? Getting right to the point, just because a cultural practice is authentically your own people’s does not mean it isn’t evil, degenerate, and foolish.

Leftism, liberal modernity, crypto-Calvinist Progressivism, resurgent Gnosticism, teh J00s, call it what you will, is a demon summoned of our own volition. Spengler did not choose the moniker “Faustian” for no reason. No other people than a White Christian Europe could have come up with leftism. We live in a theocracy, the theocracy of the sole surviving Christian tradition that has any real power.  Every other Christian denomination, those that, ew, still believe in God and Jesus, play handmaid to it.

Some people do not want to believe that a White Christian Europe could collectively behave in a way harmful to itself of its own will, that the maladies which infect our society result from plague vectors of foreign transmission.

But we look back and we see Carthage. Carthage was very great. So great, the idea that a tiny republic of warlike barbarians called Rome would actually be able to crush its military might and eradicate it, would have been considered laughable. And Carthage was not only incomparably great and powerful, it was wholly Carthaginian, practicing its own homegrown traditions and adhering to its own culture.

Just one little problem. Their elites sacrificed their sons to Moloch. Which is really, really stupid and evil. The evil is obvious. The stupid, because you want successful people to have more kids. Trickle-down eugenics. Carthage could not have outcompeted its neighbors and rose to power doing this, just like it’s laughable to imagine a Europe with modern leftist morals ever getting out of its druidic barbarian beginnings. It developed after Carthage’s success, the same way our stupid dysgenic leftist religious practices developed after the height of Europe’s culture.

A purity spiral. “I love Moloch more than you! I love Moloch so much, I’m going to give him my firstborn son.” Right into the oven he goes. This shit only makes you high status when priests exercise kingly power and not priestly power. Again, stupid evil and dysgenic. But even very smart and competent people will do stupid, evil, and suicidal things to please power and signal their holiness. That sin, by the way, is called Pride and there’s the reason why it’s #1.

And so Gnon furrowed his slimy brow and stared darkly at Carthage. How many men of Hannibal’s quality were fed to the brazen bull as infants? Were it only three or four, or even one, Rome might have fallen and Carthage stood for centuries more.

The Carthaginians had at least the decency to chuck a few kids into the fire and get it over with. Make no mistake, we are far, far more degenerate than Carthage and getting worse. Sending every promising son of the West to college, which is really priesthood training in disguise, is one thing. Sending every elite daughter to college is temple prostitution by any other name. Temple prostitutes do not marry or have happy families. Some temple prostitutes graduate into the priesthood, i.e. the media-education-NGO complex, most are dumped back into the civilian word ruined and unmarriageable. Either way, high IQ young women need to have babies and turning all of them into ritual prostitutes is suicide.

Don’t believe me? What do temple prostitutes do with the kids that inevitably resulted from their duties? Ritualized abortion, of course, which is another sacred cow of our society. Or they raise the resulting spawn to be temple prostitutes themselves. What do the daughters of single mothers grow up to be today? Yeah, you know the answer.

It is also encouraged and ritualized by the ruling theocracy for our young men to castrate themselves. The priesthood today is trying to escalate matters, trying to make the ritual buggery of our young sons into a sanctified religious practice.

In the eyes of Gnon, killing your kids and not having any are the exact same action, with the same evolutionary outcome. To Gnon, our civilization practices human sacrifice on an industrial scale. In the case of abortion it is actual blood sacrifice, in the case of making young men into eunuchs and young women into whores, it is soft human sacrifice. Soft in the eyes of its participants, who are living in a priest-made garden of earthly delights, but not soft in the eyes of Gnon. When the conspiracy theorist panics about hidden child sacrifice cults run by Hillary Clinton and the Rothschilds, he is projecting. Because he knows deep down that it is he who has sacrificed his children for his wealth and his license and his worldly pleasures.

We are not like Rome, we are like Carthage. Rome’s imperialism and ours have parallels. But it is the dilemma that our priesthood has brought on us that will prove our end. One day, probably not too far in the future, our priests will succeed at mobilizing our entire society for war against some Rome. In all likelihood it will not be an emergent nation of actual people but a quixotic windmill. A war on Hate, or Poverty, or Global Warming. And in this war we will find that we are far weaker than we imagined, and the last few of our valiant men will burn the final dregs of vigor left in our people, and vanish forever, and those who come disgusted after us will plow salt into the land on which we spilled our children’s blood.


10 thoughts on “We are not Rome…

  1. You’re grossly misrepresenting the history of Carthaginian child sacrifice, it had nothing to do with virtue signalling. Typically the only time children were sacrificed were in the most dire of situations – like certain death from the Romans. It had two functions: less mouths to feed and to worry about, and a sort of last ditch effort to appease whatever Gods might be listening. Had very little to do with “Moloch”.

    Furthermore, this practice was pretty widespread and even the Romans engaged in similar things at times.

    They were not sacrificing their children willy-nilly during peace time, though.


    1. The votive offerings accompanying the sacrificed infants are so rich that the only explanation is sacrifice of elite children, and during peacetime as well, though to a lesser degree.

      Practices like that evolve out of virtue signalling. People try to outdo each others offerings to the gods as status competition.

      If the children were sacrificed out of necessity, they would not have burned valuable livestock alongside of them. There is an (((agenda))) behind trying to suppress the obviously true reports of child sacrifice in Carthage attested by Rome, Greece, and Persia and supported by archaeology.


    1. (Not sure if sacral prostitution was part of Carthage per se- but did happen in other Phoenician colonies and seems to have been a cornerstone of non-Jewish Semitic civilization in the area.)

      It’s a good question. I don’t have a solid answer, but it certainly could have been. Same idea- intentionally lowering status of self/kids for the sake of religion. Competing hypothesis is that surplus women were sent to the temple in times when the male population was decimated & marriageable men were rare.


  2. “Typically the only time children were sacrificed were in the most dire of situations – like certain death from the Romans.”

    Do you have a link to actual evidence that the Carthaginians only sacrificed children in such dire straits? Recent archaeological finds, as well as the accounts of ancient historians, seem to indicate the practice was a great deal more common that that.





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