PUA Is Unnatural

A man walks into a bar. There, he sees an unmarried woman, unchaperoned by another man, though she might be accompanied by other young unmarried women. He likes what he sees, so he saunters up to make her acquaintance and talk her into the sack, trading witty banter over the rim of a cocktail. In the immortal words of Bronze Age Pervert, YOU ARE GHEY!

The above situation has only been a social reality for less than a hundred years. Women did not socialize with strangers for 9,000,000 years of evolutionary history. In recent human evolution within society, women did not socialize with strangers unaccompanied by men of her ingroup. Thus female sexuality could not possibly have evolved to recognize alpha males without heavy social cues. Those social cues are the respect of other men and the lust of other women.

In other words, women do not exercise sexual selection. It can be construed to look that way, when two strangers meet and a woman is expected to determine a man’s status based on limited information, but this process is above her evolutionary pay grade. In PUA, the seducer is counted as having a high rate of success if he beds a mere 1/10th of the women he approaches, and for most practitioners of the dark arts, the rate is far lower. To me, this always felt like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, because there is a far more successful means of bedding women.

So what does normal human sexuality look like? Well, when you’re the alpha male of a social group that includes men and women, the women are de facto your sexual property. Once you are recognized as the alpha, there is no courtship involved in bedding the girls that orbit your circle of friends. In the immortal words of Trump, you just start kissing them, grab ’em by the pussy, and have your way with them. The success rate of this strategy is closer to 90% for groups where you are clearly the alpha male. And this even applies for girls who are new to the group. It’s shocking how quickly you can go from “Nice to meetcha” in the middle of a circle of stone sober friends to pulping a girl’s cervix like an orange in a storage closet. My record is 15 minutes.

But there’s one small problem here. You’re not an alpha if you don’t have a circle of peons to do you homage. If you’re piping out every hot girl in your circle of friends, the truth will get out, because women bicker jealously. And the men in your group will either rebel against you (if they don’t fear your capacity for violence or the law) or leave for pinker pastures where the pussy is not monopolized. And then you’re an alpha over a henhouse of jealous, bitter girls. Who will also leave when the men abandon you, except for (probably) your main bitch.

So what’s an alpha male to do? He enjoys his position because he has loyal friends who support him, but they won’t be loyal for long if he doesn’t give a little back. But he is Cyninga, the canny-man, the cunning-man, the King. The giver of rings, full innuendo intended. He takes the hottest girl for himself, openly, and maybe a casual mistress or two. Then he plays matchmaker, encouraging his loyal lieutenants to take girls of their own. The social proof he gives them makes them appear worthier to their mates, and he agrees tacitly to not swing his dick around and do things that’ll make the lesser women unfaithful. In fact, he’ll shame and ostracize the girls in his group for sleeping around, encouraging them to pair up and stay paired up. His beta males know what side their bread is buttered on; most of them are thrilled to have a girl in the first place, since without their alpha’s magnanimous nature, they’d be shit out of luck. And they’d fight fiercely to keep those girls.

If this social group is fighting to stay alive against others, you now have a massive competitive advantage. Polygamous tribal societies have murder rates of 30%. If you’re not the alpha, you fight and die to try and get there. Still works that way in the urban ghetto. And that’s instability. A cohesive war band of loyal men will slaughter a tribe of infighting polygamists like sheep.

See what happens? I just derived monogamy from a ‘free’ sexual market. The first King was a giver of hymens. That is the basis of civilization. That is the basis of sovereignty. When Power in what was once Christendom abdicated this fundamental duty of the sovereign in enforcing monogamy, it ended its civilization in a single stroke. We are no longer a civilization because our men are no longer loyal to a giver of rings. Morally, we are tribal primitives, living in fear and awe of the shamans of leftism and their military enforcers.

35 thoughts on “PUA Is Unnatural

      1. If most people looked at the mating rituals of higher mammals say deer, elk, bear and realize we are not as far from them as we like to think we are the sexual drive becomes quite clear. Intelligence does not rate us higher than them when it comes to primal urges but the hubris of humans is their downfall. Watch a silverback gorilla and the way he treats the betas knowing they can always gang up on him and take his place you will see human interaction clearly. It’s not rocket science


  1. I like how you might make all this sound quite reasonable and facebookable and you make an active effort not to. That’s nice.

    I have an impression that one thing was left out – the chief has to be ready to bow to the bird skull on a stick his father bowed to. Has to ingest the mushrooms on designated days and dance the eternal dances, you know.

    Foremost – he really has to want to, to yearn for this unity. It can’t be an outside command…

    Seems significant to me, but where we do go from here, I don’t know.


    1. Nah, there’s no way to water it down for the extremely blue-pilled without lying. Most normies won’t even accept that social groups have an informal boss, let alone disavowing female sexual choice. There’s plenty of purple-pill writing that the average guy can stomach out there.

      Yes, primitive man probably lived in superstitious fear and awe of the shaman. But primitive religion generally focuses around the taboo; it contains very few positive moral commands. Man probably danced around the bird skull for 200,000 years without ever developing civilization or higher forms of worship. And yet enforced monogamy is a moral law, and it would be easy, maybe even inevitable, for the creator of this moral law, the first king, to be deified on account of the peace and victory he brought his people.

      I’m of the belief that it was developed out of naked self interest, and when it proved to -work-, that it was in harmony with GNON, that it brought those who practiced it peace and victory, then it acquired the force of moral law and sincere spiritual reverence. Which was probably the shaman’s job after the King died and things threatened to revert to the way they were before.


      1. I like your style. The only thing that saddens me about the insane screeds of fringe lunatics like you is that the reality is always so much worse than what any one of us can manage to capture in writing.
        I agree with everything – I truly do. But I think you underestimate certain considerations.
        If men own women in the instance you are talking about, then you could just as well say, that men are in the power of women always, in power exercised by shaming. Women are very good at this, they despise clarity and open deals, they seek arrangements where the male oversteps a rule to get what he wants. He pretends, seduces and this is an action that gives power to the female, power of someone, who knows the truth about a liar. Women are also very sensitive to shame and it is the social norms and the shame that comes from breaking them, that keeps them in line, more than any more or less formal “ownership” arrangement, although in any sensible culture it is first and foremost shameful to break the rules.
        The only males out of reach of shame are the alpha males – they do not need to pretend to get laid and the omega males – they will not get laid, even if they pretend. The king and his clown, if you will.
        I still think that we have a shot at restoring some order if we gain clarity, figure these things out and this comes to me as important.
        And I think that it would be valuable to state the obvious – that the value of man is in his ability to see clearly, to state the truth with impudence, not to get shamed into a corner.
        It’s alright not to get laid for extended periods of time. What is not alright is to become a pussy beggar.
        I do not think that you can hide from the real truth. We all know, that what women are for is that you force them to do things they want to do, so they can yell at you. Quite straightforward. And in this respect, Game is not manly. You do not treat people the way they want to be treated, or the way they negotiate to be treated, you treat people in a way that is Good.
        It seems to me you try to talk on a general level, like we could vote for this to be implemented. I would rather focus on the fact, that individuals can enforce monogamy in their own lives by not repeating the mistakes of the former generations.
        Also I would not underestimate dancing around a bird skull, man, 200 000 years is long enough time to figure out a good way.

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    2. Personal experience: As the beta males needs the backing of the alpha, the alpha needs to plausibly claim to be backed by God.

      We need, and do not have, a religion that gives alphas their rightful domains, and betas loyal, obedient virgin wives and obedient children.

      Hence the joke that la Droit de Seigneur was a better system that our current system, because you could be sure your wife had only been banged by one man more alpha than yourself.

      Unfortunately, all existent religions are under hostile enemy occupation.

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      1. I completely agree. But the same pattern repeats itself in religion itself – the person that speaks loudly and the person that sees far are under normal circumstances not going to be the same guy… The crisis is not limited to one level of complexity.


  2. Dear Auntie Aidan,

    I am a nerd, a coward, an autist and a total bitch. I get no clout, no pussy, and my shit’s all retarded. How can I redeem myself?

    Effete Dreg of Modernity


    1. Actual autism or internet autism?

      Pump some iron. It won’t magically give you confidence, but it will give you strength and self-worth and higher T.

      Take up a martial art with full contact sparring to dull the fear that makes you a physical coward

      Cultivate a relationship with your God.

      Get rid of any habit that you cannot moderate.

      Read old books and empathize with your ancestors.

      Don’t take girls seriously when you talk to em. They’re a source of fun and amusement.

      Last but not least, cultivate your strengths. If you’re an actual autist, and you can’t talk to people, succeed at something nerdy. Just make sure you don’t let your masculinity wither away into a chode

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      1. This is all good, but… approach, approach, approach. It WILL be bad when you first start, then very quickly it will be the most boring thing in the world. But you’ll get nowhere without doing it. Start right away.


      2. I think 80% of “internet autism” i.e. social anxiety comes from the inner dilemma of trying please or impress people you actually dislike. It is stress of faking, in reality, kind of lying. This is how lie detectors work, they detect stress.

        This really took me decades to figure out – somehow I never had anxiety talking with actually interesting people, but had anxiety from trying to fake it with people whom I find boring idiots. It is roughly the same thing with pick-ups, the anxiety is coming from trying to pretend that the story some dumb drunk thot is telling you is actually interesting.

        So I found something similar Mark Manson found – honesty can fix a lot of things. There is no need to chitchat with boring people, they rarely get too offended, I am very distant with my coworkers and they still respect me because I don’t generate problems for them and keep my promises. They might not *like* me in a social sense but this respect is enough. That is, they might not invite me to parties which is great because I hate them, but they will not sabotage my promotion or something.

        And for the dumb drunk thot, honestly expressing you are interested in her ass, not her story is also OK.

        Now every time I am anxious or stressed I ask myself if I am being honest. Am I telling people what I really think and want? Is how there a gap between how I behave and how I think, or how I want to behave?

        There is a lot of debate about Mark Manson’s stuff, Rollo Tommasi calls his stuff blue-pilled, for example. I think his basic logic is sound: if you are acting the alpha male for a chick, your whole behavior is trying to win her approval and that is in itself beta and she can smell it. It is needy. And that is right. It is very much a Zen thing. The man on the bottom of the pyramid cannot be honest because, for example, if his hobbies are videogames and D&D, that mostly means he hates is social loser existence, he hates himself, and tries to escape that. But for the man whose hobbies and interests are not originating in loserdom, say, he is a tennis trainer and player and this is mostly his world, 100% honesty is best. You are not interested in tennis, I am not interested in you, or only as a fuck, totally openly. The Zen part is that saying attributed to the Buddha that his teachings are a raft, use them to cross the river but then discard the raft and do not carry it. A man might need to learn to fake the alpha and anxiously act it and try to win women’s approval with it, but down on the road he must discard that acting and learn to give no fucks about other people’s opinions and that means hot women too. The idea, I think, is to become worthy enough so that one can actually afford to be honest about it. But the hardest part is of course disentangling one’s authentic desires from those that are just escapism or therapy for low social or sexual success.


    1. The modern office environment* as the big one. An informal group of friends who tend to hang out together, or a social club, or a sports team. If you do some kind of hobby like martial arts classes, that usually counts.

      *This is why women should not work in environments where her husband is not her boss


      1. My experience is, neither of them are good examples.
        In office environments, you have a salad bowl of different people (different ages, different sexes, different relationship situations, different interests). This fact, and the fact that nowadays most office jobs come and go, makes it harder to bond with your coworkers and create hierarchies.
        Ditto with Martial Arts, except with less women and old people. People train, chat a little while training, and sometimes have lunch together, but going out “with the dojo” to meet girls is rare. Especially when the alphas in the group already have gfs or wives.

        I’d be interested to hear a workaround/alternative from you.


  3. Atavisionary decided your blogpost wasn’t correct enough and thus deleted it from r/DE. Reddit turns people into such fools.


    1. Heh, so he did. I can’t comment on the subreddit because my account doesn’t have enough posts, but the nerd is welcome to slide into my combox to debate me.

      The point is that women today are primarily attracted to qualities that men possessed as apes 9,000,000 years ago: dominant behavior, high social status, and violence.

      Men today are not attracted to female apes.

      Human beings changed radically, male sexuality changed radically, and female sexuality did not, therefore we can assume that females were not exercising sexual selection for most of human evolutionary history, that female attraction was not subject to selection pressures and thus changed about as much as the color of her stomach tissue.

      Under tribal polygamy, alpha males selected which women bred and which children were provided for. Under patriarchal monogamy, high status men got the first round draft pick, so to speak, and then everybody wed and bred.

      In liberal modernity, a nerd like Atavisionary goes outside once in a while and sees a lot of men making advances on women, and some getting farther than others, and thus sees the illusion that females are exercising sexual selection, that things have always been that way, when in reality, women are almost always in a state of “no”, in a state where sex is far from mind, and only enter a state of receptivity to mating when in the presence of an alpha male, which is only determined when other men give him deference and other women give him lust. It is possible to convince a woman that you are an alpha verbally, but the success rate for even a legendary PUA is very low compared to making advances on a girl in an environment where other men are actively showing you respect and other women are actively showing you receptivity.

      The alpha male is not selected by women; the man who women tingle for is the man who has come out on top of intrasex status competition, and he selects which women receive his seed. This would be obvious to Atavisionary if he had ever gone to a house party in college, where every girl will make herself available to the football captain, and he will take a few of the hottest for him and his best buddies to talk to and later fuck.


  4. Roosh put it well in a recent interview, dating is how homosexuals find mates. Normal men have to go to a girl’s father to seek his approval to marry her, there’s no buying her drinks and spreading her legs with rhetorical flourishes.


    1. Gays don’t even date. If you’ve ever been to a 90%+ gay social event, there’s no courtship involved whatsoever. It’s grab and fuck. Sometimes they ask.

      “Dating” originated from a Victorian mentality where (flippantly) you try to seduce a woman and her father at the same time. Naturally the father became less and less important to this process as time went on.

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  5. Isn’t this all based on whites only?

    Blacks do PUA instinctively. I see them do it all the time. In fact they are mostly the only ones doing it. And it works enough that black African males are getting more and more young high-quality white girls.

    Blacks have had a freer sexual market for some time and there is no deriving of monogamy. Ever.

    They pass their used up hos to their bros for fun, sure, but pairing up? That’s white peep idealism talking.

    You say PUA is unnatural… which is true for whites, but so what if it works?


    1. Considering Negroes perform badly in assesments on appeal for both sexes and interracial relations correlate with both dysfunctional children (see drug abuse and health problems in mixed offspring) and dysfunctional mothers/fathers (namely fatness in women and treachery in men) you’re just babbling the same old Negro worship seen in the PUA community.


    2. No, blacks behave like tribal humans have behaved for 9,000,000 years; they kill and fight each other to be the local alpha, who mates with pretty much every girl in his social circle.

      “Dating” is not a thing blacks generally do. pickup is a thing they hardly ever do.


  6. >The above situation has only been a social reality for less than a hundred years. Women did not socialize with strangers for 9,000,000 years of evolutionary history.

    This isn’t 100% true. Before that there was the era when the elites went to balls dancing waltz and the less elites went to some kind of town dance, square dancing or something, and while the women were chaperoned and the goal was marriage, not pick-up, and the marriage was not decided solely by the couple but also by their parents, at the end of the day the man still had to impress the woman.

    Consider this: why else would men learn to dance? It is stupid boring. At least these kinds of ballroom or similar dances, there were other kinds of male warrior dances but that is a diff erent story. This dancing was entirely about impressing women. There are even studies showing women can guess how much testosterone a man has by how he is dancing. So we have hundreds of years of men going to dancing schools to learn to impress women. This kind of stuff goes back to roughly Shakespeare’s time. Which is still a small part of our evolutionary history, yes.

    What I am trying to say is we did not go in one bang from arranged marriage to drunk chicks in bars. There is a long, at least 500 years long history of slow gradual bluepillization, during most of which it was yes quite wholesome and not at all overly sexual but still it was about women deciding which dude to marry and then try to nag their parents until they consented. Which meant men went to dancing schools to waste their time learning boring waltz but learned to impress women…

    I can only guess why it happened. I think as long as nobles lived rural and were mostly warriors spending their time practicing and hunting things were very red-pilled. Things changed when nobles moved to royal courts and became courtiers or moved to cities. There they became super sophisticated, competed with each other who has the more refined tastes and so on, so became more like women and likely came under the sway of their women.


    1. The key word here is “strangers”. Almost all of the people you socialized with, you knew from a young age. Women were supervised by their fathers, brothers, or husbands during all of these activities. When a woman went out to socialize, she knew pretty much who was going to be there and what his status was. In Victorian chicklit, that’s why the “mysterious stranger” was such a big deal.

      Dance is an inherently sexual activity that basically parallels the mating dance, but there’s a long way from the saltarella to bump n grind. In medieval times, dances were community activities- not just with a partner, but you and your partner with a place in the larger assembly of dancers. In this case, the dance is an apt instructor of life- man follows, woman leads, you’re on public display as a couple and expected to do your part. I’ve always held that society is sustained by sexual energy correctly harnessed, so I’m not going to denounce dance as categorically degenerate.

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        1. Yes. The setting of a Jane Austin novel is pure rot. You have a bunch of fertile, unmarried young women who do nothing but hang around and gossip about boys, or hang around said boys trying to get seduced. Even though actual sex was considered low status, everything leading up to cock-in-puss is portrayed as high status.

          This happened because England’s elite was all new money, superficially educated but without a real connection to their historical culture. They looked back at Arthurian Myth and saw pure maidens needing protection and respect, when the reality was whores and witches screwing up male brotherhood.

          So they tried to recreate the medieval court, tried to create something reactionary, but ended up birthing an enlightenment humanist monstrosity that eventually evolved into modern sexual politics.

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    2. As recently as 1800, it was common for marriage to be unilaterally decided by parent or guardian, though by 1860 this had become frowned upon.

      Dance lists were predetermined by the father. Classic dancing involves physical contact and forces the women to continually follow and obey the man.

      What happened was that to superficially comply with the Church’s blue pilled demand for female consent, parents would arrange for their daughter to dance with designated suitor. Daughter would inevitably wet her pants, consent problem solved. But the lower classes tended to not bother with even superficial compliance.

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  7. That’s what PUAs don’t get. They say “going up to the girl and expressing interest is the alpha thing to do”, but when I was in university all the girls simply threw themselves at me because I was the coolest guy around and I never had to approach anyone. The PUAs would say “not approaching is feminine”, while it is precisely the reality of alphas. But PUAs have no idea what the life of an alpha is like, hence their retarded gamma theorycrafting.


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