Game Advice


This could be a massive post full of anecdotes with everything I know and have learned, but I’ve realized over the years that game really boils down to three simple things, and everything else is nerdy min-maxing.

  1. Pass her shit tests
  2. Don’t show weakness
  3. Dominate other men

These three things require that you have confidence, but not all men with confidence do these things, and in fact these three things are exactly what the blue pill wants you most vehemently not to do. It wants you to take shit from women, share your deepest weaknesses with them, and restrain your toxic masculinity. And thus it ensures that you won’t get laid, won’t have normal relations with women, are unable to form a family. It really doesn’t matter how well you dress, how handsome you are, or buff, or charming, or tall, or rich, or funny, or charismatic. You can tick all of those boxes and do terribly with women, and I know men who do, because all of those things are 10% of courtship and the trinity of game as described above is 90%.

For 1, well, you should already know what a shit test is and how to pass it. In the words of the pimp, women give you shit to find out if you are the shit. So don’t take her shit, unless passing the shit test entails doing something illegal or screwing over your bros. I’m not risking my neck or my friends for a ho. Some people have misconceptions that good girls won’t shit test you and bad girls will. All girls will shit test you. “Good girls” just do it less frequently, less cuntily, and are satisfied of your status for longer once you pass them. Bad girls will give you constant, escalating shit tests throughout your relationship out of the hypergamous insecurity that you’re not man enough, and since these shit tests will inevitably escalate to the point where beating and rape are required to pass them, these girls will only end up sticking with really mean motherfuckers. And you can tell that these are shit tests because the girl herself will never make a criminal complaint on her “abusive” man despite how brutal his pimp hand, (up to and including the murder of her children from a previous man, news stories that are inexplicably common) though witnesses might, so I cannot recommend doing what is needed to handle this type of woman. I’ve dated a few girls like this and always bowed out before I did something to incriminate myself.

For 2, you should never share your insecurities and weaknesses with your woman. That sounds fucking harsh, but this kind of emotional support is just not what women are for. Your woman will kiss the wounds of your bravery but not of your cowardice. If I crash my literbike while illegally streetracing and get disfigured, or get gutted in a knife fight in a dingy bar, (not to imply that the proprietor of this blog has ever done anything illegal) my woman will stay and nurse me back to health. If I get mugged, and surrender to the robber in front of my woman, she will cuckold me with someone very much like the mugger and expect me to raise his kids as my own. If you’re stressed out or worried about something, and want to share your feelings, that’s what your bros and your family are for. If you don’t have any, I guess there’s always moe anime to cheer you up. Or make art. Women love a “tortured soul” through a plausibly deniable layer of separation. I know guys who can’t help themselves on this point, they think that true love involves a woman nursing a man’s insecurities, and as a result they get burned over and over. Sometimes girls I was sleeping with would ask me why I never talk about my feelings and my problems with them, and I give them a transparently fake answer like “I don’t have feelings”, which joke answer completely placates her after token protest because deep down, it’s the answer she wants to hear. I know a man who tells women that men have three emotions: hungry, happy, and horny, and if he’s not happy, he needs one of the other two taken care of, you know what to do darling.

For 3, this also includes the negative that you don’t act submissive to other men in front of her. But in your male hierarchy, you’re just statistically unlikely to be on top, so wat do? Well, society used to solve this problem through guest laws, that every man was king under his own roof, so his wife would see him as dominant more often than not. If, hypothetically, I’m in a biker gang, and I’m not top dog in the gang, my biker bros give me respect as a host and follow my rules when they come over to my place and meet my woman, and everything we do that requires I follow another man’s orders happens far away from my woman’s eyes. But we don’t have many male societies with unspoken rules like this, so if you’re trying to attract a woman, the easiest way involves dominating other men in front of her during courtship. This is why Mystery could get laid despite being a goofy nerd; he was very good at AMOGing other men in nightclubs and making them look like idiots, and in fact he intentionally dressed in a way to get verbal sparring from other men and shit tests from women and then outperform them. If you’re de facto the AMOG, getting laid is very easy, but you won’t always be in this scenario and will thus have to AMOG other men, or at the very worst act and imply that you can easily dominate other men.

Is it hard to really internalize this stuff? Sure. But this is all the advice you need. If you want to get better with women, practice these three instead of openers or jokes or anything like that. My online identity isn’t predicated on teaching you how to get laid, so I can give you the superconcentrated dose and wash my hands of it rather than drip feed you little techniques and optimizations to keep the blog going. So this is the first and last lesson from me on how to deal with women.

P.S., since it’s on topic

Some loser on Reddit a while back couldn’t quite square the circle of my advocating hardcore patriarchy and monogamy while simultaneously talking about crushing girls’ cervixes like ripe fruit. Well, you can’t ruin a whore by fucking her. She’s already spoiled for marriage. Her 50th or 200th cock makes her no dirtier, just like your daily shit not making a half-full cesspit any fouler. Whores have been around forever. We have way, way too many of them now and most of them fuck for free. (Right now we have ninety whores serving ten men, when the natural order is that 10 whores serve 90 men) God has always said no to piping out whores, and you shouldn’t get on God’s bad side, but all things considered, an unmarried young man frequenting a whorehouse is not an unforgivable sin and we’ve historically never seen it that way. So if you’re a religious young man, do what God wants you to do and avoid whores. I have nothing but respect for a man who abides by his vows.

The only moral line I’ll draw for all my readers is not to seduce virgins and then dump them. If you, after despoiling a sweet innocent girl, feel bad in the morning about leaving her, that’s how you know you should wife her up. Get her pregnant and entrap her into marriage. It’s an ironic role reversal, yeah, but we live in Clown World. Honk Honk doll, you’re pregnant and we’re getting married.

19 thoughts on “Game Advice

  1. It’s surreal how the three things you boiled male attractiveness down to are so hated by the mainstream Judeo-Liberal establishment.


  2. It’s time to move past game, for it belongs to the previous decade. Start getting serious about open, top to bottom, structural patriarchy. If we’d focus on that the way we do game, we’d be halfway to it by now. No more tactics, Jedi mind tricks and stealth; open headship only will restore us. Game is just a way of adjusting to the madness.


    1. Barring a major SHTF event patriarchy will not be restored within our lifetimes. Patriarchy can either be instituted top down via dictat if we capture the state or by those who practice patriarchy being the last ones left breeding after our mouse utopia society aborts itself out of existence. Either way, may take a while, so my universal advice is to dig in, find a wife, and have kids. Everything I wrote in my post will help a man find a wife and keep her, since sexually our society is back to the veldt, and if you want a woman you need to do what would get you a woman if you lived on the veldt and wore animal skins.


  3. Based on my experience there should be a (4), Negs. They work like dynamite.

    “Is it hard to really internalize this stuff? Sure.”

    I didn’t find that to be true, once I got the basic concepts.
    Our male genes *crave* this stuff. E.g., we crave swatting aside women’s ridiculous shit. It feels bad to fail a shit test and it feels good to pass one. Passing a shit test doesn’t just get you closer to sex; it gives you a feeling of *competence*, of being able to handle what the world throws at you.

    “It’s time to move past game, for it belongs to the previous decade.”
    No, it’s eternal.

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  4. That last part about wifing up a virgin hit me hard. Although I couldn’t have carried on with her even if I had wanted to, courtesy of a couple of failed shit tests.

    So, any general tips for passing them? Apologies if that’s too vague a question.


    1. Plenty of PUAs have written lots of great advice on it, but what works for me is to treat em like it’s your 9-year-old sister telling you “I’m a princess, so do what I say”. Shit tests are designed to get you to betray low status, so you can pass em in all sorts of ways. If you’re at a loss for something witty to say, either agree and amplify or just totally ignore the test and change the subject.

      You have more leeway to fail a couple of shit tests the longer you’ve been with a girl, though this is how guys get slowly pussywhipped

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      1. I think it boils down to the need to really internalise game. It’s not enough to simply understand it’s logic, rather, one must “feel” it as being part of their general perspective.

        Only way to achieve that is through balls-to-the-wall practice. At a certain point one must say farewell to blogs and actually put themselves out there, and at the age of 17, now’s a perfect time to start.

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    2. Fake it ’til you make it, but don’t forget to make it — this is where self-improvement comes in. It’s much, much easier to have tight inner-game and AMOG like a boss if you actually ARE better, as least by your own standards. Same goes for being selective about your male peers, especially as a young man.

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  5. Off topic: I’d appreciate a post explicating the manifold flaws of the modern, anti-masculine, literally soyfied, figuratively *and* literally menstruating, low-T, high-E, Veganism cult. (I’d then share that post with various Vegans in order to raise their blood pressure) NRx should be explicitly pro-meat-eating, pro-hunting, pro-lab-animals, and anti-Vegan, in my view.


  6. Very good post, great writing as usual. One thing about patriarchy – we might not get “world patriarchy” , but if a man believes in something he should start with himself. build one in your family first, then maybe in community. And then who knows

    p.s. I am still working on first and its hard, but I believe its better than to reduce man’s role as a father to a PUA playboy
    p.p.s I dislike “worlds peace, equality etc” in general – thats too much ideology and not enough personal responsibility. That always betrays leftist when they want to fix the world ahead of fixing themselves


  7. You forgot the rule admonishing one to administer a bit of cruelty (or a moderate amount). Being mean to the girl, thinking of her as an irritating cunt, crushing, dominating. There is a black field of activity that is opposite the light, and it contains many opposites.

    Anyway, write more posts more frequently so I can begin commenting on them.

    And hey, come check out my website and leave comments:

    I use eschuteon template exactly like you, with darker black and brilliant red. You check out how it turned out.


    1. I don’t normally do this sort of thing unless asked, but looking at your blog demanded a response. I’ll be frank with you…your website is unreadable. The main problem is the background. There’s so much going on with the background that it distracts the reader reading the text overlayed on top of it. If you would compare it to this site, you can see the background is a simple color tone, almost like that of a page in a book, making text highly readable.

      I would recommend a div or something to put your text inside, then make that div have a simple background color as well, keeping your background to the sides of the page with the content clearly laid out in the center. Maybe a dark slate grey with white text or a lighter color with dark text.

      Secondly, I would probably cool it with the animated gifs or work out some way to minimize the file size if you care about page load times. Several megabytes for a simple blog is a doozy.

      Lastly, noting the frequency of your posts on your blog, a template like the one of this site might serve you better:

      My only change would be to make the squares a bit smaller to fit in more content on a user’s first glace at your site. Combined with pictures, it makes it easy to see what’s new when you post frequently.


  8. Agreed on the pregnancy entrapment to the point where I’ve developed some techniques of stealth impregnation that I will write about in my PUA book. The best is to tell them you’ve had a vasectomy, then finish inside them, get them pregnant, and then “Oops, vasectomy is not 100% it turns out”. You could also prick holes in condoms, but condoms aren’t my thing anyway.

    All the above to be used only on quasi-virgin teenagers of course. If you use it on 20-somethings you’re a loser.


  9. It never ceases to amaze how a patently pseudo-intellectual system—the sexual-social hierarchy—is used to explain the glaring mistakes for a man to marry a bi-racial, older, divorced woman, when their impending nuptials is of little or no personal consequence to the detractors. Men, Christian or otherwise, who create and perpetuate that structure make a series of subjective behavioral and personality appraisals as its foundational pieces. Any protestation about this label or refusal to act in the prescribed manner brings about a pejorative response. It may be “convenient” for men to articulate what they believe are definitive aspects of their fellow man’s conduct because they subscribe to this hierarchy, but what about those men who find definitive flaws in how those decisions were arrived? What happens when those men challenge the structure by arguing that the “unvarnished truth of the structure” is in reality a set of assumptions predicated on sophistry? Would God truly judge in this exact manner by calling Christian men betas, gammas, and situational alphas?

    Furthermore, there is an alternative model, and a proven one…it is called the Christian Bible, which offers complexity to behavior rather than stereotypes. Manhood develops most appropriately when we pursue the kingdom of God rather than an idol of masculinity itself and all of its worldly trimmings. Upon closer inspection, the men found in the Bible is the epitome of inner fortitude, not outward toughness. In other words, secular standards of masculinity, i.e. Western Civilization machismo, woefully falls short for Biblical manhood.


    1. The utility of faith is to humble even the greatest alpha and drill into him and other men eusocial behavior that cannot be rationally deduced from empirical fact and first principles by mere mortals. Fetishizing faith and giving it more importance than need be leads to priest rule, which is, as we know, bad.


    2. God didn’t see fit to tell Man how physics work, but it’s not blasphemous to figure out how they work to be able to build a bridge or an airplane.

      In much the same way, God doesn’t tell you why you shouldn’t marry old used up mulattos, but he does tell us we should prefer younger unspoiled virgins, and inquiring into the mechanics of why is totally OK.

      “Would God truly judge in this exact manner by calling Christian men betas, gammas, and situational alphas?”

      God couldn’t care less about where a man falls in the male hierarchy, peasant or lord, which should be a relief to you, but as a man I can and should care about male hierarchy very much.

      Christianity is a proven model for making a brutal, merciless, manly warlord more good and humble. We need brutal, merciless, manly warlords before there can be a revival of faith.

      The “sociosexual hierarchy” is a (futile) attempt to reconcile between male hierarchy, based on value added, and female attraction to male animal dominance.

      But I did not mention a “sociosexual hierarchy”, nor am I idolizing masculinity, at least not your caricature of it, which makes me think you are reading from a script or flailing at a strawman.

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