Meet Your Future Wife With This One Easy Trick

This is going to be my last substantive post on game, dating, women, etc. I’ve said what needs to be said on the topic and screening girls for marriage is a good endpiece to the subject. Aside from the answer key, which I still haven’t gotten around to because it bores me to write it up along with explanations, I am capping off my discourse on the WQ, though perhaps the zoology of human sexual dynamics will need some more attention down the line.

Also, I lied. Clickbait titles are fun but there’s actually a lot here.

I left my gf of three years a few months ago. We’d agreed we’d revisit the marriage and kids question once she graduated. (college, you can calm down Mr. Hansen) Which meant no, and I knew it meant no, but I do have a bit of a soft side, and I was really fond of her. So she graduated, and surprise, still no.* So I slipped back into my old habits. Ran through four girls in the following month. Which means I hit 50, I think. I stopped keeping count a long time ago cause it felt phaggy. But the last time, God himself tried to cockblock me. I didn’t take the hint, because I’m a horny shit and this chick was really hot, and fucked her anyway, and then He in His infinite wisdom took his revenge. Which didn’t cause any permanent damage, so in the end, I’m grateful He saw fit to personally interfere. Cause He usually doesn’t. But I’m taking it as a sign that He has plans for me, and they don’t involve womanizing.

So in the spirit of turning over a new leaf, some tips for screening out the sloots. Cause dating in modern times is like being a gold miner in California in 1848. Plenty of girls around, but they’re pretty much all whores. If you’re a good boy volcel, you might not be able to tell the difference between a girl you can handle and a really soiled one. So the first rule of thumb. Don’t date a woman your grandmother would call a whore. If you’re not sure, err on the side of “no”. Or have her meet your oldest living female relative. Old people really don’t give a fuck, your grandma will make her opinion known. “Never trust a woman with a flat chest” were my grandma’s words of wisdom, and for purely selfish reasons I choose to follow her advice.

Ideally you are going to want a virgin, but virgins are hard to come by. I do not trust a “religious” girl to be totally or even acceptably chaste these days unless I know her father and he vouches for her good behavior. I have popped six virgins, and none of them were good Christian girls raised in trad households, but I know several “good Christian girls” who think Sunday morning forgiveness is an excuse for Saturday night rodeo.

Remember when Roosh was gushing over Mennonite girls? I knew a Mennonite girl in college. As soon as she was away from her father’s watchful eye she ditched her long modest dress cut from a single cloth, bought dirt-cheap Walmart clothes with her scanty  pocket money, and started slutting it up. She never wore makeup and had bad skin from eating all the processed cafeteria crap instead of local grown. Her tacky lack of fashion sense was kind of endearing. Innocent, hell yeah, but still a whore.

There are no good girls. God took so long to send us his Son because in all that time He could not find a sinless girl to be His mother. There are no good girls. Even if I entertain the idea that there are modest angelic trad unicorns out there of impeccable moral purity… ye missed the boat, lad. Those girls, if they existed, all loyally married their high school sweethearts. But I also don’t want to imply that girls are all the same, because some are more marriageable than others.

Because marriage as practiced since at least the Early Bronze Age is illegal, and as Jim says, if your marriage is symmetrical and equal it is a gay marriage, your marriage will need to be covertly ancient in its dynamics. Inexperienced girls are easier to impose your will on and more likely to fall deeply and madly in love with you, and once her romantic love wears off, familial love of being one flesh takes its place and the habit of honoring and obeying you will be solidified.

Sex is a zoological phenomenon and the relations between man and woman are also a zoological phenomenon, pre-conscious and pre-verbal. Men evolved language to better cooperate with other men, and their daughters inherited this capacity and learned that they could use it to obfuscate their bad behavior, manipulate men, and compete with other women. A good relationship involves subtle, nonverbal communication as if you and your mate were apes that had no language. You do not show neediness, do not hover around her; you call her to you or you invade her space alternatively. This is subtle and intuitive and very hard to put into words. For example, a woman you own will want to please you and do things to make herself useful to you, and you should approve of and appreciate these things as if you are entitled to them without appearing grateful… this is a very fine line and it is something you need to feel out for yourself, but many things in relationships are like this.

I am immensely sexually entitled. I have seduced virgins before and I can do it again, and will make it permanent this time. The trouble is finding them. I have a keen radar for inexperienced girls because I have a keen radar for sluts, and I can tell the difference very quickly. At least as far as white girls go. Asian girls are very, very good at faking inexperience when they are really sluts, but I don’t like Asian girls very much anyway, and want kids who look like me, so no big loss. So I apply my radar, in the adult world, in the big city, and no surprise, no virgins at all. While in college there were quite a few of them.

Well, let me step back a bit. The most important part of this post is teaching you my radar so you can pick out sluts from inexperienced girls. The “thousand-cock stare” is well attested by the PUA cummunity [I’m leaving this typo in because it’s too funny to fix]. It is not just a minor or occasional feature of sluts but an ironclad natural law. All sluts have dead eyes and all women with dead eyes, eyes that don’t smile when she smiles, are sluts. And even better, this is a spectrum based on how many different men have used her as a self-warming fleshlight. A girl who has only slept with one man, even if he piped her out every night for five years straight, will not have the dead eyes and dead soul of a girl who had twelve short flings. This correlates directly to notch count, not number of copulations. Perhaps it is related to microchimerism, DNA from multiple different men being much worse for her than being microchimerized by any quantity of one man’s sperm, perhaps not. I had a three-year relationship with a virgin, and when I left her, her eyes had much the same life to them as at the beginning.

Anyway, I pay a great deal of attention to the life in a woman’s eyes as a direct indicator of her sexual history and state of her soul, but you might not, since most women today are sluts, and slut eyes will look like normal eyes to you. Thankfully, I love girls who exude an aura of inexperienced untapped sexual frustration, commonly referred to as femininity, they all have eyes that shine with a feminine joie-de-vivre, and when I seduce these girls, I find that they are literal hymen-intact virgins or have only had sex once or twice and obviously have no idea what to do. Genuine joie-de-vivre and eyes full of life are the first and most reliable signs that a girl is worth marrying, and I implore you to start noticing this. In most normal girls, this is happy and bubbly, in nerdy awkward girls this is shy and vulnerable, but either way, you will see their eyes sparkle when you tease them. So consider yourself lucky; I’ve sinned so you don’t have to, and acquired a knowledge that very, very few are privy to.

Dead slut eyes is a little bit different from “crazy eyes” (woman are medicate NOT allow). Crazy eyes are when the eyes of a woman, goes for men too, express a radically different emotion than the rest of her face. Easier to see in photographs. Literally cover the bottom half of a person’s face in a picture and you will be able to read the emotions in their eyes, which as the windows to the soul reflect what they are actually feeling at the moment. Oftentimes you will see fear, anger or hatred in a person who is otherwise smiling, and this revelation is often quite disgusting. Many sluts are also crazy, but some virgins are crazy, and thus have both the spark of youthful life and nutjob eyes that betray inner torment. Needless to say, stay away from crazy-eyed women, unless it is a type of crazy you are used to handling. Because all women are insane by male standards, find a type of crazy that you don’t mind mastering.

For example, manic girls piss me off to no end and I hate dealing with them, but depressive girls I find quite easy to deal with, as I can just be a pillar of silent strength she can cling to, most often literally, and if she goes off somewhere alone to cry, more blessed time to myself.

If you are in your twenties, aim for late teens and early twenties, and if you are in your thirties or later, aim for women in their late twenties. If you are in your teens, not yet of legal age, aim for the youngest fertile girls you are legally able to date. Unless you are above 50, don’t be looking to marry women over 30. Unless your game is immaculate, will not be scoring early twenties or late teens if you’re above 30, will probably have to settle for lightly-used goods. If you have to settle for lightly-used good past 25, make sure she has a history of long relationships and not a history of “being single”. Women lie about this, so trust the eye test.

One trick is to marry down in attractiveness. Personally, the prospect of a hot wife doesn’t excite me all that much; since I’ve slept with models and heiresses and nymphomaniac demon-possessed sluts, any woman I marry will be less exciting in bed than the best I’ve had, since I’m definitely not marrying a model, stripper, or succubus incarnate, though if I could get away with handcuffing the latter to a tether that ran between my bedroom and my kitchen and throwing away the key I would certainly consider it. Yeah, it was that good, Lord preserve me. But anyway, if you marry down enough, your wife will still get hit on, but she will generally not get hit on by men more alpha than you, and that makes all the difference.

There is always a man higher-status than you in female eyes, and always the risk of infidelity, but if you manage your milieu, you mitigate that risk. If you put me in a room with other bikers, chances are I’m not the chaddest biker in the room, but put me in a room full of nerds, (and I do kind of belong there too, given some of my hobbies) I am always the chaddest nerd in the room. You could put me in a comic convention with 20,000 attendees and I would still be the chaddest nerd there, and the girls I got laid with meeting through nerd hobbies were always hotter than the girls I got laid with doing chad hobbies, and slightly hotter than the strangers I picked up in bars and on the street.

So I am angling for a wife who keeps nerdy social circles and has nerdy hobbies, because I have good claim to be one of the highest-status men on earth (the way women see status) among nerds. I am a natural, a bona-fide asshole with a heart of gold. Trouble is, I am only a natural with girls in my general IQ range, like anyone is, and I’m far enough right on the bell curve that the number of women in my IQ bracket is near-zero. When I meet these girls, I don’t need to think about game; I talk to them and come on to them and they fall into my bed, which would make my marriage very easy and drama-free if I manage to find a decent one, but I’m not betting on it. I need to think about game and consciously perform it with the vast majority of girls out there, but no biggie, since I’m used to it.

I don’t believe in meeting girls in bars anymore. Bars are an awful place for pickup unless you know the bartender, tip him well, and have him treat you as high status. In a bar, the bartender is the alpha male, and women want to fuck him because other men are looking at him and clamoring for his attention. Bars are an okay place for a first date, because you can get a table, carefully selecting one where she cannot see a crowd of people fighting for the bartender’s attention, and go up to get drinks yourself, so that she cannot see you acting low-status for the bartender. I personally prefer cheap, exciting first dates in which we do something somewhat physical and active so I can test her for submissiveness and compliance. An old standby of mine is drinking on the beach at night and swimming, usually skinny-dipping, in the black water. It’s never failed me in getting laid, and now that I’m volcel, can get very close to fucking her before I drop the “sex is for marriage” bomb. And you should make her want what she can’t have. There’s a big difference between a man who can’t fuck and a man who won’t fuck.

Even now that I am screening girls for marriage, I prefer to affect an attitude of cavalier playboy nonjudgementalism, because it is very effective at getting a girl to open up about her sexual history and be relatively honest with you, though nowadays it will also make me screen her right out if too slutty, to the point of leaving an establishment through the back door during a “bathroom break”. I do not need a virgin wife, because once a girl with one or two ex-boyfriends gets a taste of me, the ex becomes a sexless worm in her eyes. But you may need one if you are less experienced yourself, because it’s likely you will need her mad and powerful first love as a crutch until you learn how to handle her.

So where do virgins hang out? Virgins aren’t innately purer, they are just as horny, they just haven’t been gotten to by a sufficiently alpha male yet. So how do you be the first? Well, most of the virgins I knew tended to hang around low-status men, and I mean in female eyes of course. I really need a word for male status through the eyes of women, and a different word for male status in the male hierarchy. Conflating the two causes much error, stemming from the purple pill and causing the purple pill in turn. But I digress. Most of the verified virgins I knew were nerdy girls, raised in nerdy families. Smart girls with Stacy hobbies all got popped in eighth grade by the high school lacrosse team; this isn’t about smarts, it’s about subculture. Gamers, sci-fi conventions, actual LARP, DnD, MTG… you’re more likely to find a virgin frequenting venues of nerdy hobbies than you are in a church. Yes, we live in a world of bitter irony.

Of course there are virgins in church, too, but if the church is cucked, the girls get fucked. Even if the church is trad, the girls may go bad. Remember the Mennonite I told you about. I don’t even remember her name, but keep her in mind. You have a very short window between religious girls leaving their fathers’ houses and them getting popped. Girls who live at home do not fuck as often, no matter their age, so if your church has marriageable young women who attend with their families, make friends with the patriarch, as an equal without treating him as higher status, and he will likely be wanting to marry off his daughter, and you may end up with the opportunity to court her. But if the father is a white knight, I feel no reservations about being a sneaky fucker, and it is much more exciting for the daughter to be eloping with a man her father disapproves of.

I will also caution you that many girls who remain virgin for longer than the usual age these days often experience some kind of sexual dysfunction, either claiming to be “lesbians”, or “asexual”, or “genderfluid”, or some such nonsense. This is caused by the fact that Chad never came on to them, and plenty of low-status men did, so they associated a Pavlovian disgust with men and male sexuality, and began to favor their inherent attraction to females, which all girls have. But they act like normal girls, they respond to game like normal girls, and they fuck like normal girls, and oftentimes they forget about all the identity nonsense once shacked up with Chad. Of course, the very crazy ones are usually especially ugly or unpleasant, so only pursue this type of girl if it has the whiff of a shit test and not of real insanity.

I have found that I can get girls in my bed far faster than the PUA consensus feels is reasonable, so I have a feeling you can get a girl into a serious relationship and marriage far faster than anyone thinks is possible. Pre-rational and pre-verbal. I think I may marry very impulsively. But this is not an easy thing to test out. I do carry a ring with me everywhere. A cheap one, but it has sentimental value. If I do end up putting this ring on the finger of a girl I barely know, wed and bred in the space of a week, my readers will certainly hear about it. Of course we will have the marriage blessed in a church, and celebrated with a big party, but the sacrament of marriage was given to the husband, not the Church. Adam’s marriage to Eve was sacramental, created by God perhaps, but Adam’s sons had valid marriages before there were priests, therefore the sacrament of marriage was given to all men to perform. And of course the dynamics of your marriage will need to be quietly and secretly ancient, but I am quite whitepilled about this. Maybe not easy, but nowhere close to impossible.

*I know what you’re thinking. I was planning on intentionally accidentally impregnating her but she got the jump on me and had a copper rod inserted into her uterus to kill my sperm. Clever girl, she knew me too well. Not wanting kids was probably a shit test, and if I married her she would have come around to it eventually, but I’m not going to wait or take that chance. I want eight kids, and I am going to have eight kids. Sadly, cannot abduct her, cannot coerce her into marriage like the good old days, legally not allowed to pass the shit test the way she needs me to pass it, so I must dump them instead.

35 thoughts on “Meet Your Future Wife With This One Easy Trick

  1. Lolz at the God cockblock.

    I like the bit on taking up some nerdy hobbies and playing up your masculinity vis a vis less imposing peers.

    As far as the difference in male status in men’s eyes vs women’s, I think of it as ability vs appeal.

    Hope all is well. Really have been enjoying your posts of late.

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  2. In my game friends circle, we had one guy we called Tinder [his name], say Tinder Tim.

    Tinder Tim was that slick extravert guy. Reason he earned his nickname was that his favorite strategy was to meet girls through Tinder, on a square 200 meters from his house. He’d then skip bars dates whatever and just take them straight to his place for alcohol and sex. “Oh look we’re at my place lets have some wine”


    1. I’m beginning to suspect that cold nominalist rigor only gets one so far in spreading the WQ. Manliness is another thing that’s hard to propagandize through cold reason, but BAP has been very effective at convincing the new right of the need for manliness through spiritual and aesthetic vigor. So perhaps a similar project will pop up…

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  3. Does female homosex experience count towards sluttiness? Not in a moral sense but wondering whether it triggers the physiological mechanisms that make a whore less reliable than a virgin.


    1. I’m going to lean towards no. Girls who are virgins, but masturbate with the help of other girls and call themselves lesbians, act like virgins. The more nasty and unpleasant lesbians also fuck men, or did fuck men before they got fat and switched to girls.

      Self-identified lesbians have much higher rates of teenage pregnancy than normal girls, so probably an adaptive phenomenon, a giant shit test. When I see a girl kissing another girl, my instinct is to show em what a real fuck is like and get ’em pregnant, so I assume a lot of men feel the same way and the most alpha do it.

      There are a tiny minority of lesbians, like a friend of mine’s first girlfriend, (who had a panic attack when she saw his cock and subsequently switched to girls), that have some pathological aversion to male sexuality, but even that can be overcome.


  4. I met my wife with one simple trick: her online dating profile picture was not sexy. 99,9% of the girls try to look as sexy as possible, 95% in actual slutty ways, showing off the goods, the rest still at least try to wear their best make-up and careful lighting angle and so on. Her picture was a potato quality shot about she exploring some cave in Tunisia in the kind of bad throwaway t-shirt and jeans one would use to explore caves as this activity really eats the fabric. She didn’t want attention from the kind of men who would just want to fuck her, she wanted something serious and me too. That picture had about zero sex appeal to it.

    I often wrestle with the idea of NAWALT. That is, when I look at other people, I see the red-pilled narrative is true, they really work like that. But my wife and me work a bit differently. So this is why I struggle a bit with e.g. Jim saying AWALT.

    The point I would like to make is this. There is a selection effect when a high-T man with a large sex drive approaches women from a sexual desire viewpoint. All “unfuckable” girls are immediately ignored, their existence does not even register. So the very few “good girls” still left you will not notice.

    For example, in a bar, 100% AWALT. For example, to refer to a discussion I had with a commenter on Jim’s blog, all tattoed girls are AWALT. He said all the girls he knows have tattoes. I said zero of my former, about five girlfriends have tattoes, and even in males where it is okay I and my three best friends, have none, the brother of one of them has one and we were looking at it wondering are you a sailor now or rock star or what.

    Well, that could be that I live in Mitteleuropa. A bit backwards. And being 41. I don’t know the situation in America, I know the situation in Britain. Very bad. In a popular pub 100% are AWALT sluts and half of them unfuckable because whales. That is another big problem. In Britain, I suppose also in America, even if you were willing to take a less attractive but “good” girl, the issue is that less attractive does not mean they are bit ugly in the face, it means they are whales.

    But then again Mitteleuropa is not so different as in a bar still 100% are AWALT sluts. At least a popular bar where the young people go. But in online dating, or even just going to college, you gonna see “good girls” but as a sex-driven high-T man you would immediately filter them out as unfuckable, not because they are fat or very ugly, but simply because they do not radiate sex appeal, they wear comfy clothes, no make-up, they are not flirty and seductive etc. While my sex drive and likely T was already low at 32. She was 29. I wanted a wife to live with and a mother of my kids, sex was secondary. This is why I find it weird when people marry young. Yes in a proper reactionary patriarchy etc. etc. OK that. When marriage and monogamy can actually be *enforced*. But today? Sex is everywhere, and today marriage, or rather “marriage” should happen when you are already not so much interested in sex. Trying to lock down a sexy 21 years old hottie in marriage in todays society would be a disaster, why do so many men try it?

    I suppose because there is this disastrous combination that women are “liberated”, but men are still expected to play the old role, and many blue-pilled men don’t even see and know to what extent women are “liberated”. It was in this sense easier here, nobody ever did talk about marriage during my college years. Most girls were sluts but no man ever in that college ever had the idea to marry a slut. At least not before she is closer to retirement. They knew she would obvious cheat on them. Trying to tie a “liberated” college slut into monogamy would have been like keeping a greyhound in a small apartment, just obviously not workable, they need more “room”. Everybody understood that. Nobody tried to put a ring on an active slut. And not even on the good girls either. Why rush? Men have time to marry and because most girls didn’t want many children, they, too, figured marriage is something to do at 28. Still have time for 2-3 kids. So the good girls would simply have a stable cohabiting boyfriend for years, then they would marry several years after college, only when they were already planning kids. That required a few years of work from both of them to save up some money and not be mortgaged to the neck when looking for a larger apartment more suitable for kids etc.

    Anyway, the point I want to make is, as long as one has a strong sex drive, one will not notice the few “good girls” who are NAWALT.


    1. “Trying to lock down a sexy 21 years old hottie in marriage in todays society would be a disaster”

      It will be if you believe it will be, will not be if you believe you are entitled to own her and act accordingly. Why would you willingly give up your wife’s most attractive years up to other men? If somehow she’s still a virgin, why would you want to deal with the pathologies that probably accompany that?


      1. In my eyes, all single women act pathological by male standards and when women are owned by a strong man they stop acting pathological. My last ex claimed to suffer from all sorts of mental pathologies, but I never encountered a single one of them, because when she was in my presence she was a complete pussycat, happy as a frog in a pond. I have no doubt that when she was unowned, was going fucking nuts, but when owned, gone like the morning mist.


    2. I do notice them, because I’m attracted to the “good girls”. They have a different energy that’s absolutely magnetic to my sex drive and I can lock on to them almost instinctively in a crowded room. Because I’m so good at finding them I can confidently say that in big city USA there are hardly any of them. In college, quite a healthy number. I’m not saying there are no unruined girls out there, I’m saying that the good girls are good not because of their inherent nature but because they haven’t gotten the chance to be bad girls. I’ve been with quite a few of them, treating them as if AWALT works just fine, so I will say AWALT. If NAWALT, patriarchy is giving “good girls” what they want while coercing the bad girls, so logic points to patriarchy either way.

      I have some experience with Eastern Euro girls, and yes, far more are marriageable among the FOB crowd and probably even more than that back home. When they stay in America long enough, they start sexually behaving like American girls. The women with the best personalities I’ve known have all been fat, too fat to even pump and dump, let alone marry, which tells me that “good girl” is performative. Which is good, women performing to please you is what you want. I would probably re-seduce and marry my Serbian fling in a heartbeat if I knew how to contact her.

      I suspect it’s actually the lower-T man who is attracted to very beautiful sluts, because they need skimpy clothes and makeup to get them going, but even a frumpy girl in modest clothes will turn me on, I think because I can feel her latent sexual energy. But yes, girls who don’t go to bars and clubs and don’t hang around high status men often will stay “good” for a lot longer because they haven’t gotten a shot with an alpha. Which is part of my post anyway, maximizing your likelihood of meeting unruined girls. I could lock down a sexy 21-year-old, but not sure I want to, because the risks are higher and the payoffs not at all higher than a frumpy 21-year-old.

      Men today claim to want to marry later and have fewer children because the other option, marrying young and having a lot, is culturally very far beyond the pale. Most of them are not players, are not getting laid enough to justify delaying marriage, but knocking up an 18-year-old right out of college and having eight kids with her is subconsciously intuited as so reactionary, so taboo, that most men don’t even consider it. When men get their way on a societal level though, this is exactly what happens. Observed preference of men, when they have free choice, is to lock down a woman young and have lots of kids. Observed preference of women when they have free choice is to slut it up through their twenties.


      1. I agree with one caveat that I don’t really know how 8 kids happen because I know zero women who were not whales after having 3. Yes, I suppose the idea is that she performs thinness for you and each successive childbirth makes it harder and harder to do it but if the motive is really strong, it is doable. But no girl today seems to have a that strong motive to still perform thinness after 3 kids.

        Besides, it seems to be men in older times were more accepting of *some* amount of fatness. My great-grandma popped out 6, the last at 42 or so, so my mother had an aunt one year younger than her which is a tad weird. Now. Back then it was not. And by the 6th kid, great-grandma was quite plump. Not whale, but could stand to lose some. But apparently it did not make her unfuckable for great-grandpa. Then gradually lost it when she had no more kids and lived to 90 quite thin.


      2. There is another reason why men today don’t want 8 kids. They would be socially expected to provide a house with 8 bedrooms. This is just the social expectation today, although the causality is probably the exact opposite: first people just decided they will have only 2 kids, then it became normal for both to have their own bedroom because a 3-bedroom house was affordable enough. However once this expectation got cemented in, it is another hindrance.


      3. The fatness is largely a modern diet thing. Do a google image search for “1800s family photo” or something like that, and you will see tons of matrons with 5+ kids, and not a single whale. Yes, women get a little chubbier after having lots of kids, but if she was thin to begin with, even after five kids she’ll have a still-normal, still-sexy BMI.

        My grandfather was one of eleven kids. Said poor family of thirteen lived in a tiny apartment in a big city, and later in a very small house, which I’ve visited, a house far too small for eleven kids the way we think of it today. It would be a very expensive house today because of its location, but the house itself, in a less expensive location, would not run you more than 150 grand today. Having the kids was far more of a priority than having the space to have kids, and as a patriarch, he made it work.

        All of our cultural memes, like “having a family is too expensive” and “your wife will get fat when she has kids”, and even “your kids need a ‘good environment’ and ‘good schools’ or else they’ll grow up fucked up” are anti-marriage and anti-family and many right-wingers buy into the Left’s frame on this subconsciously and blackpill themselves and others. There are plenty of dirt-poor Aztecs and blacks around here who have eight kids anyway, so if taking the state’s dirty welfare money is what you need to do to have eight kids, then do it, because marriage and family are an unqualified good that justifies almost any means.


      4. >I suspect it’s actually the lower-T man who is attracted to very beautiful sluts, because they need skimpy clothes and makeup to get them going, but even a frumpy girl in modest clothes will turn me on, I think because I can feel her latent sexual energy.

        But you are still working from the assumption that every relationship starts with an erection. I mean, arguing that it should is one thing but as a factual assumption is something else. Actually when I was like 18 it would have been very embarrassing to say something like that. There were generally two, or at least two openly admitted reasons:

        1) To stop being lonely. One of the most important things I have learned in the general direction of Game is that this is exactly what does not work. The Book of Pook said quite clearly an in believeable terms that half of being alpha is openly accepting and expressing your sexual interest and not being ashamed about it, not surpressing it. While the stop being lonely thing is partially fueled by the lack of social life or friends, why do men who feel like this still try to find a girl to have a romantic relationship with and not just finding friends? And the answer is that there is a third reason for finding a girlfriend, not just sexual desire and not just lack of a social life, and it is basically a kind of therapy. That if a girl loves me, and loves me that way, then maybe I can stop hating myself. This tends to coincide with treating girls as surrogate mothers so maybe it is caused by some mother-son type of problem in the past. And the important part is that it never works. Never ever works. It is perfect anti-Game. But many, many do try this until they learn better.

        2) To find that special soulmate. That is generally the blue-pilled feminine-imperative propaganda put out by romantic movies. But… it does actually happen sometimes. I mean, at the end of the day, basically all non-fat nubile age women are fuckable and generally once they get naked they are quite arousing. Male sexual desire is not really that picky. And desire awakens desire, a woman showing desire towards you is arousing. So it really does happen that there is some pretty average looking chick and no particular reason to hit on her, but you just chat and hit off well, the discussion is going well, perhaps both are smart, and both of you find the discussion stimulating, and and most of the cases this would just lead to becoming friends. But suppose she is wired that way that she finds smartness high status (my wife does, books were the only escape from her boring village), she shows signs of sexual interest which arouses you and thus you basically move through friendship into something more. This is not really something to be expected, but can happen occasionally. I suppose the reason it is exploited for the purpose of propaganda is that the rare cases when it does happen are really very cool.


      5. #1 is true. There’s a reason it’s “>tfw no gf” and not “>tfw no pussy”. Generally, it’s the lower status men who think this way; having this desire for a therapist or replacement mommy makes it hard to get gf and impossible to keep one. Going home to a woman is cozy, but it’s not a panacea. I go into this on my “game advice” post. I also think the ronery types are all porn addicts and incel; if you’re used to real pussy, porn is a poor substitute and you really want a real pussy. But they all probably jack off too much to get horny for a real woman, so the emotional side comes to the fore when they interact with women irl.

        #2 when said out loud is usually a lie, whether told by a player who doesn’t want to settle down or a man who would take anyone, but can’t get anyone. Under patriarchy, men didn’t go around looking for soulmates, they looked for wives. Of course, most of them fell in wild teenage love at some point, but if it passed without securing marriage, they generally didn’t try to chase that. Some men today are indeed “love addicts” and try to chase the high of their teenage love, so their desire is sincere.

        All women find intelligence high-status. She won’t get wet when you discuss history with her, but the idea of you being smart (“Ooh, he’s smart too”) does make her want to stick around you.

        I guarantee you that even the average looking chick that a guy is chatting up with no specific intent to bang her, he is still thinking about what she looks like naked and what she’s like in the sack, even if he has no reason to pull the trigger and put the moves on her. I’ve always had lots of female friends, and I had them because my hands were full with as much girl as I could handle, and my friends were usually not hotter than the girls I was sleeping with. When, for whatever reason, a girl dropped out of my rotation, I would promote one of my friends to the major leagues. To her, probably felt like she was friendzoned for a long time, and then she won me over, but from my perspective, I was always at least a bit interested, and finally had a reason to pull the trigger.

        There has been one woman I knew who was too unattractive for me to consider sleeping with, until I made friends with her, and her personality was so stellar and pleasant that it made me think she would be a good partner, would make me overlook the lack of attractiveness, but this is one out of probably thousands of women I’ve interacted with. And I never ended up sleeping with her.

        I wouldn’t call it a soulmate scenario, but being able to get along with your woman is a very important factor after her loyalty, as long as she passes the basic boner threshold. But this is not a matter of mindblowing chemistry or her being the “perfect fit” for you, the way people imagine soulmates. It’s almost more sisterly than “romantic”. All of my women who I really enjoyed interacting with were each very different, and others I really did not enjoy the company of even when the sex was unusually great.


  5. Correct, but that requires very high amounts of confidence. Even for “dating”, when Heartiste recommends insane amounts of confidence, that is not simply one of the elements in the 16 point list but the whole thing that makes the rest possible. For example look at the advice to return 2/3 of the attention/love. This is something a man who is 100% sure he has options naturally does, while a man of lower confidence will be afraid to lose her, and confess everlasting love thirty times a day, which is of course a sure way to lose her. Every element of Game requires confidence as a precondition, and talks about Inner Game in the Manosphere are nearly mystical because there are no clear and easy ways to get that. Of course. It is not supposed to be easy. The whole point is to send an essentially false message, that is never easy.

    And correcting thots raises the confidence requirement even higher. This is playing it in ultra-hard mode.

    So you are right, but in the sense of why wouldn’t you want to drive a Ferrari? You want to, just often can’t afford to.

    There is one point though that makes it somewhat easier. Originally the whole PUA/Game thing was all about entirely amoral modern liberal men. The reactionary confidence, that we are morally, socially correct, makes things a bit different. That you correct thots not simply as your amoral sexual strategy but as something right and good to do. But this is only a small help, I think.


    1. “very high amounts of confidence”
      “correcting thots raises the confidence requirement even higher”
      “nearly mystical because there are no clear and easy ways to get that”

      Man, if I can do it, anybody can.

      “The whole point is to send an essentially false message”

      No, that’s exactly what it’s not. The point is to _understand_ the _truth_, that you own her, or are interviewing her for the position, and that no matter how pretty she is, she’s damn lucky today to have a chance with a man who actually understands that he’ll own her and will husband (verb, as land or stock) her accordingly. The nice benefit is that understanding the truth results in an attitude that pulls her in by her nature. Man and woman were made for that.

      Yes, there is also monkey dance stuff, and maybe that is more fundamental than the other, but to me, it’s not obviously so. And even if it were, you wouldn’t need to know that it was.


      1. The “monkey dance stuff” is largely extraneous. Your body language with your woman is enough; like I said, this is all pre-verbal stuff. It’s ironic because what we call “monkey dancing” is really “man-dancing”; ghey banter in wine bar. If you and your woman remained silent for a whole day of your marriage, what would a zoologist say about who is in charge? This is what you must internalize.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Good luck on your wife hunt. I set about searching for a second wife in my late thirties after divorce at thirty two and finally learning game. Moved my notch count from four to my age at the time. It was an eye opening experience.

      I decided that in order to get a low notch girl I was going to take a girl from her boyfriend. One that had been long termed up and not spent time “single”. I know that other men think that this is just awful and all that but I was banging girls with boyfriends (once the guy was literally in the other room), with fiances, and married women. So deciding to take one for keeps seemed and was reasonable. I knew I could go young as my last year long fwb was nineteen.

      I ended up with a twenty six year old girl with a notch of five. Not as good as a virgin but having spent the last five years with an ineffectual and non sexual beta the difference from his low energy to my high masculine energy and dominance got her to submit fully in good order. She was clearly on the market despite having a wedding ring on so I scooped her up and took her with me. The bang took an hour, she left him and begged me to let her move in in one week.

      I did face one intense shit test in the first few months, which required me to watch her try to leave. To see if I’d let her go. I sat back and thought well it was worth a try I guess it’s back to banging sluts. She got her purse, started to walk, looked back and saw my body language and no attempt to argue with her at all, started crying and ran back to me. Then started apologizing and babbling. The rest of the shit tests were pretty minor and they stopped after that one.

      Married for four years now, second kid is due in January. I’d get started earlier than late thirties now that I’m early forties I don’t have the same energy to keep up with my one year old son. A second son on the way and I want more so my age is not optimal.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am 42 and married with one child but it is weird, not in the usual cases of weird. I will be honest – I chose a wife who is not very attractive and to whom I was never sexually attracted to, but otherwise a great, warm-hearted, intelligent, helpful gal, just what one wants from a future mother and life-partner. My libido at 34 was already quite low, I was ready to basically move beyond having sex and having a boring sexless married life.

        Which also meant and means I have little reason to Game or perform alpha. So we have settled into exactly that no-sex (after one kid) comfy boring life I wanted but apparently this, too is not working too great. No danger of cucking, as there are zero alphas around and she has very low interest in men (you can see that, when a woman puts zero effort into stuff like make-up, hair, clothes, she has no interest in men) while there is no talk of divorce she seems unhappy with this passionless life at 38. She does not say she is unhappy, she is a good, decent type, who puts duty first, not happiness. But she just looks like behaving like a depressed robot. Well, perhaps a few years, she dries up and its okay.

        I have set everything up so that even if it would be divorce, I would be okay with that. Bought a rural farm-like house for like 9 months of my income, settled wife and kid there, I spend the weekends there, have a city commuter flat, even if we would split I would want my daughter to have that place, no wife alimony in the lawbooks here, 20% of income for one kid, there is nothing in this setup I would come to see as financial divorce-rape if it came to that, but I would like to make this working better. Four years ago this passionless life seemed to work, she is a similar monkish type as I am we spent evenings staring at different computer screens while our daughter was an infant and mostly sleeping, it worked, she did not look like a depressed robot.

        She is sort of becoming like her mother who is a sexless, joyless working machine, just super busy at housekeeping, farming and a cleaner type job, just doing these stuff, no fun, no joy, no jokes, no femininity at all.

        This is not the usual kind of problem – clearly the opposite. Most men today have problems with highly sexually energetic wives who shit-test them and cuck them and go out with the girls drinking and who knows what happens, not joyless working machine type behaving, all duty no fun type behaving ones. She is not there yet as her mother is and I wonder what can I do – maybe try to perform alpha, but at a farm I am just an urban nerd, maybe Game but Game is mostly used to pull shit-testing women a few pegs down, not to energize these types. What do you do with the kind of woman you cannot take out to dinner date because she says she cook at home and no point in wasting money or you cannot buy a nice dress for because you always see her cleaning the toilet or digging potatoes in shitty clothes and never ever dresses up or wants to go to place where one should?

        This is not the usual kind of Manosphere problem at all. This is not a just run Game brah type of problem. This sounds like the problem your great-grandpa used to have. And I don’t know if they managed to solve it all. My great-grandpas just tended to be always in the local rural bar and never going home unless it is midnight, the wife is asleep and they are very drunk. Which is not really a solution.


  6. Ballroom-esque dance clubs. There were three at my school. Ballroom, country swing, and latin. The first two had fifty people and Latin had over a hundred, usually new people. All of them had many pretty girls and mostly fat or noodle arm guys. Since I lift bro, and had gone to the club for over a year, I was more muscular than all the guys, despite being in the bottom half of any gym I go to at 175#, as well as more skilled than most guys. I thank the heavens I found a place I was really high status, full of pretty girls. New girls were wowed at what I (and any moderately practiced guy) could do to them. You lead, physically moving them around, they follow. They watch you delight other girls, physically.
    Any real alpha can’t amog you as much. If he tries to cut in, you dance her away, laughing. If he tries to talk to her while you are chatting on the sidelines, you go make another girl giggle and have a good time while he’s trying to make her crack a smile. I got amog-ed a lot, but never there.



    1. Yes, dance older than 50 years old- ballroom, swing, blues, salsa, etc is very very good. I forgot to mention this when listing good hobbies for meeting girls, but dance turns women on and brings out their latent femininity. Man leads, she follows. I had a gf when I was dancing, but I could tell it would be very easy to pull. Your competition is weak in these places too.

      Dance clubs are hives of fake rape accusations because girls get turned on while dancing, go home with some dude, and he turns out to be significantly less alpha when not on the dance floor. If you have game, no worries.


  7. I’ve been paying more attention to eyes now, but I’m having trouble spotting the difference between dead slut eyes and eyes that sparkle with genuine joie-de-vivre.

    Can the difference be seen in pictures or videos? If so can you post some examples on your twitter maybe?


  8. If you are in the far right tail of the IQ distribution curve, alpha nerd is the way to go. I am but a humble lieutenant of my local gym owner (and still some pussy trickles down my way, via the King-as-matchmaker model), but I used to leave poetry readings and culture festivals with 2-3 bespectacled Beckys in tow (and they’re very hot under those frumpy clothes they wear).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Went to the opera last Saturday. Flirted with QT sitting next to me before it began. Grabbed her thigh silently as Aeneas proclaimed his defiance to the gods (magnificent moment, you had to be there). Kissed her in a corner of the entrance hall after it was done, some light boob fondling. Break out “sorry, I’m married” once I’ve determined she wants my meat. Incredulous stare, mouth half-open. Small peck on her right cheek and disappear into the night. Go back home, wife senses something. Turns into a wanton wench, has to be pretend-raped into submission.
      Still got it. ^_^

      Note: Baroque opera format allowed for quick escape. Intermezzos of regular opera preclude the thief in the night act. Would experiment with Wagner game if I weren’t married and if we had Wagner in my town.

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  9. One of the surest signs of a marriagable woman is that she tends to dislike most women and for the right reasons.

    On dancing: beware. In my experience, you might spend years working on your muscles and confidence and feel like you are really a manly man now, and the whole game may be up when you start dancing and somehow revert to the gamma-male dancing style that dries up every pussy within a mile. It is hard to describe, but it is jerky, robotic, unsmooth movements combined with TOO MUCH moving. I don’t know if autismo or nervousness, but it is terrible. Related news: studies showing women can accurate guess the testosterone level of men by how they dance. As long as you are just acting, dancing is the hardest way to fake alpha. It is easier to just sit at the bar and try to keep your voice not too nervous when you decide to chat up a chick and then go through the Game thing.

    For some reason, gamma-malehood tends to be just about too much of everything. That is, the way to alpha is usually “less is more”. Walk slower, talk slower, talk less: answer questions only 80% so people stay curious, don’t wear t-shirts with witty things written on them, don’t write shit like this on your door:*lDSkAjF1958TpEafxuJsLg.jpeg probably don’t write anything on your door, because you don’t have to broadcast any message, the right mindset is that you judge people, not them judging you, so you don’t need to broadcast anything. And in salsa or similar dancing what you can see is that alpha men tend to move little (but that little smoothly) and sort of tend to make their female partner literally orbit them. For some reason the non-alpha man does too much of everything and especially of dancing, and while I managed to slow my breath, body movement, walking and talking pace, I still rather avoid dance clubs because I would probably go “fuck it, I am gonna enjoy it” and then it would look like this: although the way Keith Flint did it was not bad, yet every time a normal dude does this in a bar somehow it comes across as terribly gamma.


    1. I’m not a fan of the term “gamma”, but the phenomenon is real. I suppose we can use it, because in this case the male and female hierarchies both have about the same estimation of this type’s worth, but rather than explain what gamma is, it’s much easier to say “don’t be a poser, don’t be a tryhard”, which mean the same thing and make intuitive sense to the vast majority of men. The “gamma” is a man who is playing a cunty feminist who is trying to play a man. This behavior is caused by single motherhood, or functionally single motherhood where the father is weak or not around very much, and the son imitates the mother.

      You are right about dancing from what I’ve observed, about how alpha and gamma males dance, but I’ve never had a problem with this, so I can’t advise on how exactly to fix it. I notice that when I’ve had a good workout, a good fuck, or am very horny, my voice gets even deeper than it usually is, and I move slower and more smoothly, so probably has something to do with cortisol and testosterone. But if you fix your T and don’t unprogram the blue pill, won’t have much success. My unprogramming from the blue pill was so long ago that I barely remember how exactly I kicked the last beta habits and fixed my body language. I describe this as unprogramming because it never felt like I was implanting an artificial identity into myself that later became natural, felt more like I was sweeping away a lot of bullshit that was squatting on my masculinity.

      There isn’t a strict dichotomy between “just acting” and “pure natural”. Every man performs, at least a little bit. Roosh always felt like a dancing monkey because Roosh was a pasty computer nerd before learning game, who even after undoing the blue pill, had to do a lot of acting, and it tormented him. Roissy on the other hand didn’t have to do much, and there are lesser-known players in the scene who barely had to do any at all; they were naturals stifled by the blue pill.


      1. I’d say Roosh never learned game, but rather developed a few heuristics for getting laid which worked swimmingly and the fact that they worked shocked his fundamentally beta nature to the core. This is different from a bluepilled alpha understanding game (the fable of the eagle among the chickens is applicable to that situation).
        Heartiste has deep game, to the point that he can not only teach men a few heuristics for getting laid, but he can transfer that deep game to other men. Before getting laid IRL, Heartiste gets laid in his mind.

        For all youse nerds out there, Roosh is the guy using cheats, Heartiste is the Korean l33t master of the game.

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  10. That section on scouring beta nerd gatherings for virgins reminds me that women lose interest in hobbies after a few years. I know of one fellow who was all about hiking. He married a girl who loved to hike but it soon turned out that she was largely doing it to be around him. This is, of course, not intended as deception. Women will assume you know they’re doing these things simply as bonding mechanisms. In the state of nature, they’re supposed to get pregnant and this would inevitably diminish other interests, so it doesn’t surprise me that this wavering is biologically built into them. I know other women interested in nerdier more sedate gaming and the pattern holds true also for them.

    This knowledge upsets betas but your woman isn’t supposed to be your friend in the same way as your brothers-in-arms.


    1. Yeah. Girls subconsciously do male hobbies to be around men, and once they get one, the interest fades. Totally normal and healthy.

      Also right, your girl isn’t your friend. The dynamic of husbandry, of properly keeping a woman, precludes that.


  11. While you have covered almost everything you did forget that the woman you choose is supposed to be the woman you stay with the rest of your life. I believe the reason our eyes and ears fade is so we do not have to watch that beautiful woman we married age. In our mind she is still just as beautiful as the day we met because we can’t see her anymore. Marry a woman you can talk to about anything because after a certain age when sex and crazy dating are done all you have left is talking to each other so make sure she is someone you want to hear from forever and you will be happy. I am 63 and would choose a good conversation over sex anyday of the week.


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