Proles, Carpetbaggers, and Reaction

The slick cityboy carpetbagger goes to the small town and tells the working men there that he is going to improve their lives, make them better, make them richer, they just have to do this that and the other thing that ends up enriching the carpetbagger and ruining the proles. The slick communist intellectual brings his carpetbag to the small town and tells the farmers that he is there to improve their lot, that he is one of them, that all they have to do is kill the kulak who is oppressing them and the worker’s paradise will be actualized. Then the commie official ends up running the farm from Moscow, running it terribly, and millions of people starve to death.

The reactionary speaks to small town workers (through the internet of course, he doesn’t actually go into a flyover state) and tells him how moral and noble they are, he speaks of his own noblesse oblige, how he wants to help them and uplift them and make them better men…

Don’t do it guys. Don’t fall into the trap. The results will be the same as above. Reaction may have good intentions towards the lower classes. So did Pol Pot. The only thing that can be done for proles is to leave them alone. Just ask them. Prole political expression boils down to “leave me alone”. “Don’t tread on me” is the single most effective meme libertarianism has ever produced. But the libertarian is stupid, because the nerd libertarian from the city tells the prole that the cops and the local church are oppressing him, but proles like the cops and like the army and like their church. This does not compute in the libertarian system, and thus libertarians never win elections.

The prole does not think that the cops and the church are treading on him, because they are not treading on him, except to the extent that they have to impose the official religion of Washington, to the extent that the cops have to reluctantly knock on the door with a fat evil State U social worker in tow to investigate a “home environment” complaint made at the kid’s school. Proles like to cheer on their country, and like to put on uniforms and fight for their country. When the government invites in a bunch of guatemalans who are obviously taking jobs and committing crimes, that is not leaving the proles alone. It is quite the opposite, and the libertarian does not understand that.

If you actually believe that proles are hardy, manly people who can take care of their own, leave them alone, and they will take care of themselves. The prole-elite alliance, the high-low alliance, is very simple. The elite tells the prole quite truthfully that there are people who want to kill him and take his stuff and tell him how he should raise his kids, far away and organized such that a farmer with a gun cannot defend against it, and that the army and the cops will take care of it. Which is why proles like the cops and the army and eagerly participate in them, and why they hate gangs and bureaucracy.

Current underclass degeneracy is the result of attempts to uplift the proles. Underclass men are heroin addicts and underclass women slutty because of EBT cards, because of social workers, because a prole man cannot give his son a whuppin’ for being a little delinquent and can’t keep his daughter locked up when she wants to go to Mike-the-29-year-old-unemployed-drug-dealer’s party without the cops knocking on his door. Prole men smoke weed and play call of duty all night after work because they don’t have wives and can’t imagine that they have good chances of getting them anytime soon. Revealed preference shows that prole fathers will whup their misbehaving sons and lock up their misbehaving daughters, and if you left proles alone to act the way they act when left alone, the underclass degeneracy problem is solved in less than a generation.

Telling coal miners that you are going to teach them to code is carpetbagging, telling them that you’re going to sign a trade deal and a tax law that lets the mine owner make a profit on mining and selling coal, and put everyone back to work, is proper elite-prole relations. Trump gets it, and libertarians don’t. Drug-testing every prole, or distributing narcan, is carpetbagging. Liquidating the cartels is not.

Every good government, everywhere and everywhen, practices good government when it is looking up, when it is absorbed with threats to its security and stability, when it is focused on defeating enemies, and not looking downward in an attempt to meddle in the lives of common folk, no matter its intentions for doing so. It is not a matter of ideology, it is a matter of practical governance. When the nobility genuinely does not give a shit about the peasants, the peasants tend to do pretty well. The problem is when the state falls prey to the priestly systematizing instinct of “let me fix you”, the idea that human welfare can be improved via central planning, which plagued and brought down even otherwise reactionary states.

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    1. Corporations are not generally fucking with the proles. Maybe we need to take a look at Monsanto’s seed monopoly, pharmaceutical industry will definitely need a hard look, but most of our economic problems are the result of too little capitalism and not too much.

      If medicine was totally capitalist, your doctor would write you a prescription that had a dose and type of medicine on it, and you would be able to choose from competing brands of medicine that fairly advertise their prices, rather than your doctor writing you a prescription for a type -and brand- of medicine, which has a price that is fixed and noncompetitive, a price that is far too high, in a classic case of overcharging the insurance company.


      1. If you think about it, the ability to produce something at massive scale creates incentives to produce a shoddy product. When you make ten thousand trucks a year, you can make them indefinitely and thus should care about quality so people buy them from you instead of the other guy. When you make one hundred thousand trucks a year, if you make them to last 30 years then you will be out of business in three years.

        Operating at scale also incentivizes increasing regulation. A giant corporation isn’t bothered by new regulations as it already has a fleet of lawyers, but a smaller competitor needs to spend a larger chunk of their income on legal and regulatory guidance. Thus a corporation can lobby government to do things which effectively make it a monopoly.


      2. Keeping corporations under control can be partially accomplished by making mercantile activities low-status. I recall that the old Chinese status hierarchy placed the farmer above the merchant and artisan and for good reason, most farmers are better people than most CEOs (more interesting to spend time with, more connected to reality, etc). Intermittent punitive taxation without regulatory shenanigans might serve to periodically remind the merchants of their place.

        I recall that when Putin started cleaning house in the early 2000s, he gave the 7 big oligarchs an out – keep your money, but stop meddling in politics, otherwise I bring the law down on you. 4 took him up on it, three fought him and lost. Russia today has a freer internal market than the USA, but vigorous exercise of state power was necessary in the beginning. That’s why I insist that any prospective king of America would have to very publicly spank Bezos, Zuckerberg and the Sackler crime family, among others.


      3. Don’t know about China, but that mirrors Japan, in which the merchant class was indeed lower-status than the peasant, though they were still allowed to get filthy rich. Merchant activities were seen as spiritually unclean, since they profited off of the value that other people created. Moving that value from where it was cheap to where it was dear was considered necessary but dirty work, like gravedigging. Still in Japan, the merchant is considered small-souled, crass, and petty, while the artisan has a spiritual value to him. I am sympathetic, but there is an artisanal aspect to “merchants” today. Nobody knows how to make a smartphone, or even a pencil, but there is something of the artisan in the CEO who can get the circuitboard guys together with the coders, the screen-makers, the battery makers, etc. and come up with a finished product.

        You were ragging on William of Orange on Twitter, but the corporate charter that he invented is not a bad solution, strictly defining the limits of a corporation’s ability to operate while granting them freedom in that sphere. You do not want the pharmacy and the doctor’s office and the drug manufacturer run by the same people. That’s how you get the Sackler family.

        Putin getting his plutocrats under control was admirable and will likely need to be replicated. But merchant status is still lower today than priest and warrior status. The NFL advertises for the Army, but the Army does not advertise for the NFL. We see merchants sucking up to priests all the time, but rare to see an academic sucking up to a large corporation. Crush priestly status, and most merchants will fall in line and start sucking up to the reactionary government. Putin is a warrior, and the plutocrats found that their money counted for very little when faced with an army of guys with AKs, and being merchant class, liked money a lot more than actual war. (The plutocrats who fought Putin believed they had the West on their side)


      4. Japan imported much of Chinese mores, but degenerated at a much slower pace, never really falling into priestly supremacy, being ruled by warriors from the beginnings of the Yamato, to the departure of Douglass MacArthur (whom they considered a gaijin shogun) – a pity he imposed the Cathedral on them.

        As for corporate charters, they were present in continental legal traditions since the early medieval period. The entire idea of an open-ended corporate body repulsed the Catholic (and Orthodox) sensibilities of Europeans who saw king-made legal persons as a pale imitation of God-made natural persons. To this day, continental corporate bodies have to have an explicit purpose and the state purposefully erects walls between certain professions (eg. medicine and pharmacy) to prevent conspiracies against the public.

        The only point of disagreement I have is this image of the artisan-CEO. Most CEOs today are priests who are engaged in priestly activities, often at the expense of the company’s employees, shareholders and customers, but even under normal circumstances, the core competency of a businessman is always business – he necessarily employs artisans, but isn’t necessarily one (and rarely so).

        I am working on a long review of Nassim Taleb’s Incerto cycle which will delve into this issue at length, but in the meantime, he points out the green lumber fallacy in Antifragile (no need to understand what green lumber is in order to trade in green lumber), and also points out that modern CEOs are mostly selected for their ability to sit through long and boring meetings – not the kind of man who is respectable as either a merchant or artisan.


      5. As an aside, among the elite, merchants will always be lower status than warriors or priests, because the elite usually has a lot of money and doesn’t consider it all it’s cracked up to be. Personally, I grew up in a wealthy family and have that contempt for money burned deep in me, even though I am in dire financial straits at the moment.


  1. The slick communist intellectual brings his carpetbag to the small town and tells the farmers that he is there to improve their lot, that he is one of them, that all they have to do is kill the kulak who is oppressing them and the worker’s paradise will be actualized.

    Let’s see if we can identify the ethnicity of the “carpetbagger” and the ethnicity of the “kulak.”

    I mean, everyone knows it, just no one has the balls to say it.

    Here’s the touching 1970s film, “Norma Rae,” where the New York City Ashkenazi Jew enlightens the retrograde Southern Dixie lady about how “racist” she is and she gets all hot and bothered about the NYC carpetbagger.

    This is CLEARLY an example of the White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant “Harvard Cathedral” and has nothing, nothing, at all to do with all the Ashkenazi Jews that made this film, publicized it, and gave it Hollywood Awards in the “Puritan” dominated Los Angeles film industry – right, “Aiden MacClear?”

    This is clearly an example of the “neo-Calvinist” control of … Harvard.



    1. The original carpetbaggers that plundered the South in the 1870s? The ones who cared so much about the poor Negro that they killed a million whites to set them free and starved 25% of them to death? That was actual, literal fucking Harvard, though they were no longer Puritans.

      Yes, jews control hollywood. They made that movie to pretend they were leaders of a great holy crusade when in reality, were still living in the slums and pounding nails into shoes while whites, stirred up by other whites, killed each other in a holy war born of a Christian heresy. Note that the Jew is a union organizer and not an abolitionist. Communism is Jewish, yes, but funnily enough it looks a lot like the communism of the late French Revolution, which popped up as a Catholic heresy and not a Calvinist one, while Jews were, again, tinkering with watches and making shoes.


  2. The original carpetbaggers that plundered the South in the 1870s

    Oh look, there’s that motte and bailey argument again.

    We can’t discuss a single issue less than 100 years old.

    Let’s instead discuss the dinosaurs.

    Anything and everything to distract from the Ashkenazis and their mass media.

    Let’s forget about all issues confronting us today and instead go back to anytime before Ashkenazi influence.

    After all, that is the most IMPORTANT issue – always distract from Ashkenazi power.

    Hey, things weren’t perfect 10,000 years ago?

    Isn’t there some Protestant we could focus on instead? All this talk about “Jews” really makes me uncomfortable!


    1. That is not at all the point. Look at how the media Jews bowed and scraped before Hillary Clinton in the Podesta emails. How is that power? Licking the boots of Hillary Clinton is not power. It is servility.

      Your obsession with Jews is blinding you to the puppetmasters. Everyone you see on the stage dances by their hands, Jew or not. If the puppets on the stage are mocking you, how stupid is it to attack the puppets instead of the hands making them move and the mouth that speaks the words they say?

      Jew obsession is typically prog entryism. “Oh, no, fellow reactionaries, ignore Harvard, and instead focus on the Jew. Especially those nasty, sneaky nationalist Jews in Israel. They are the problem, not the Jews here in America or the people you think are behind them.”

      When reaction comes to power, a whole lot of Jews are going to get dropped in the ocean or set on fire. However, that is in the context of all the prog filth getting cleaned out, not just because they are Jews. They are going to get killed because they are evil, and good does not tolerate evil; Jew, European, or anyone else.


      1. >Jew obsession is typically prog entryism.

        Nah, I’d just say it’s another example of the “White Men Dindu Nuffin” talk seen in the Hitlerite/WN/Whatever circles. Don’t want to admit there was anything seriously wrong with Whitey’s society back when the Enlightenment happened. Pretends that it was all totally not degenerate from the French Revolution up until Jews started being important.


      2. There might be some of that at play, but keep in mind that essentially the entire WN movement is controlled by Deep State agents. When they show up to Jim’s blog and the commenters put the screws to them, they show that they do not actually understand the WN lines they are given. Types like Hipster Racist probably glow in the dark if you look close enough.

        He writes fairly articulately, so I doubt he is an idiot. Thus, he is either an entryist or a lunatic. Given his defense of Harvard, that has me leaning towards entryist.

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      1. @Aldon

        Ideological Leftism wasn’t spearheaded by Jews.

        Yes, it was. Everyone knows it. Basic cultural Marxism.

        This denial proves exactly the ethnic hostility behind it. Blame “Whitey” and “WASPs” but never dare to criticize a “Jew.”

        It’s so transparent.


    2. Amusingly, the 1860s is when the First neo-Calvinists (cough) migrated from Germany to America, and the 1870s is when they made their first fortunes, the fortunes that laid the path for all the other ones.

      Consider the case of General Order No. 11 (issued by no less a man than Ulysses S. Grant):

      1. The neo-Calvinists, as a class violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Department and also department orders, are hereby expelled from the Department [of the Tennessee] within twenty-four hours from the receipt of this order.

      2. Post commanders will see to it that all of this class of people be furnished passes and required to leave, and any one returning after such notification will be arrested and held in confinement until an opportunity occurs of sending them out as prisoners, unless furnished with permit from headquarters.

      3.No passes will be given these people to visit headquarters for the purpose of making personal application of trade permits.[9]

      And Ulysses S. Grant’s explanation to the Assistant Secretary of War::


      I have long since believed that in spite of all the vigilance that can be infused into Post Commanders, that the Specie regulations of the Treasury Dept. have been violated, and that mostly by neo-Calvinists and other unprincipled traders. So well satisfied of this have I been at this that I instructed the Commdg Officer at Columbus [Kentucky] to refuse all permits to neo-Calvinists to come south, and frequently have had them expelled from the Dept. [of the Tennessee]. But they come in with their Carpet sacks in spite of all that can be done to prevent it. The neo-Calvinists seem to be a privileged class that can travel any where. They will land at any wood yard or landing on the river and make their way through the country. If not permitted to buy Cotton themselves they will act as agents for someone else who will be at a Military post, with a Treasury permit to receive Cotton and pay for it in Treasury notes which the neo-Calvinist will buy up at an agreed rate, paying gold.

      There is but one way that I know of to reach this case. That is for Government to buy all the Cotton at a fixed rate and send it to Cairo, St Louis, or some other point to be sold. Then all traders, they are a curse to the Army, might be expelled.[10]

      “The neo-Calvinists seem to be a privileged class that can travel any where.”



  3. Maybe forcing young aristocratic males to live as a prole among proles for a limited period during their formative years is helpful in reducing the instinct to carpetbag (which I believe is an overshoot of desirable elite paternalism). Up from yonder ivory tower, it is very difficult to see the proles as nothing but helpless beasts sniffing each other’s bodily effusions. When you get down and live among them, you see all the unspoken and unconscious social technology they have developed, which is often far more elegant than the religious fanaticism required to keep an elite trucking.

    He who would command should learn first to serve, or something to that effect.

    On the other hand, I find that much of the hatred of proles I used to have (and which was the basis for my own shitlibbery before taking the red pill) was essentially aesthetic in nature and came from being forcefully integrated among proles during my early life.


  4. While farmers are proles, are they really the lower class? The leftist strategy is a High-Low alliance against the middle class. And since the left seem intent on destroying middle America and bombing them with illegals then doesn’t that make illegals the lower proleterariat class and not the farmers?


    1. I am talking about the class that works and wants to work, and broadly includes the checkout girl at Walmart to the electrician making six figures. In HLvM, Middle means a class that is not on top but can compete for power.

      The illegals, the ghetto blacks, are underproles, a slave and not yeoman caste.


  5. The proper path of rule, no society is down to one thing: Segregation

    Not just among races, but among the sexes to a point (some call it White Shariah, but I’d rather call it just White Dharma). Among the occupations. Among the castes.

    The king is the one who stands above all and counters degeneracy when needed. The other castes should have men tasked with handing such otherwise. Women should police other women on unsaid order from their ruling males. Whites should bar non-Whites from showing their faces around them outside of designated areas. And so on.


  6. @Henry Ford

    Even Ulysses S. Grant understood the problem of the neo-Calvinists.

    I’ve read from such intellectuals like Curtis Yarvin and Jim Donald that our real problem is that Harvard University is run by these neo-Calvinist which is why poor Israelis aren’t able to genocide the Palestinians yet. Can you even imagine?

    Truly, we White Westerners just need to finish off the Palestinians and destroy BDS, then everything will be ok and we’ll finally destroy these Democrats who are the REAL RACISTS who finally defeated the KKK, for example.

    Did you know that white Southeners were the driving force behind the KKK? Look into the history of West Virginia! Democrats are the REAL RACISTS!

    Trump 2020! MAGA!


    1. Christ can you stfu about the Jews?

      I suggest that we call the Cathedral “Cathedragogue”, so as to not upset poor butthurt protestants / potential spooks like this guy.


  7. I doubt there are any paid entryists attempting to infiltrate Reaction. No incentive. Reaction is all theory and is entirely unimportant in any tangible sense. ‘White Nationalism’ is a bogeyman. The Left believes it is a danger (leftism must be continually threatened to feed the hysteria spiral) and thus has a motivation for entryism or paid spooks taking over.


  8. As a long term question, should the Proles exist? They began when peasants migrated into the cities in mass to work the factories, which are now either overseas or, increasingly, automated and overseen by a few technical specialists. Leftists want to slaughter a few billion people to appease the earth goddess but we can distinguish between that and the legitimate question of whether current populations are necessary or desirable. I suspect an agrarian society with industry left to automation would be best. Bugmen lived cramped into vending machine style apartments, whereas owning his own land is a mark of a free man. Especially considering digital connectivity, it’s worth asking what civilization needs from cities.

    This also relates to warfare. Men originally exterminated competing tribes. With the advent of farming societies, it became more profitable to enslave–to set up oneself as king. Now that huge portions of society no longer provide a net gain, sovereign conquerors will eliminate them, whether by slaughter, sterilization or some other means. China’s activities in Xinjiang come to mind.


    1. This is a good point; when wealth is no longer tied to slaves, the tribal model of simply exterminating enemies returns to being adaptive. Time will tell though. There are only a handful of places in the world that are economically well-run, and they don’t seem to have a massive problem with great swathes of people being unable to provide for themselves and a net economic drain on society. Even Japan with its “permanent recession”, hardly any underclass or welfare state to speak of.

      I have archaeofuturist sympathies, but they are mostly aesthetic, I am not really big into central planning and it would probably be disastrous if tried. Bugmanization is all cultural, breakdown of social trust, and not physical or economic. The suburb is just an isolated bugman apartment with a backyard. A city block used to be a community in of itself. Let the economy sort itself out and react to changes in technology before we declare the need to start liquidating people. Libertarians are right about economics, but wrong to think that the economic principle of laissez-faire, mere best practice for handling the activities of merchants in your domains (the phrase presupposes an actor with the power to meddle), makes necessary and legitimizes anarchy.

      Revealed preference of patriarchs is to have their own homes and not apartments, and cities built of houses and owned land were overwhelmingly the norm in the US and otherwise before black crime became a problem. The now-desiccated manufacturing cities of the American northeast are made up of single-family townhouses silently falling into ruin; it would not be wrong to say that apartment buildings got taller, and apartments smaller, because livable area within the cities shrunk.

      The city (as site of elite networking and cultural development) is eternal, and digitizing this, universal telecommuting from your agrarian compound, as much as I’m working to make this life happen for myself, just shifts it into online space. Not necessarily a good thing for a formalist society. As much as the economic realm needs hands off, the King’s job is to have his hands in the realm of status, for status to be very well defined and regulated.


      1. General rule of thumb: given their physiological dimension (your body actually feels beauty) aesthetics are superior to any other motive or reason due to Chesterton’s fence (and axe).
        Central planning aesthetics probably appeal to the king within us all and sometimes we have to sacrifice efficiency for the sake of beauty (and the numinous in general) – if we left the arts to muh free market, there would be no opera, only endless negroid butt music.


      2. There is never a free market for art, there is always a curator who dictates taste. Rap becoming popular among whites is a result of an informal intellectual “elite” deciding that black music is high status, creating demand, and then Jewish music producers rushing to fill that demand.

        People want to listen to music, but what music they want to listen to flows downward from power, thus it’s Power’s prerogative to decide what art is high status and what is not.


      3. I’m gonna go ahead and doubt that. Sure, what power dictates is an important part of it, but only insofar as people are power-compliant. You’ll notice that in architecture, modern soulless shit is loved only by midwit, middle-class bugmen who are very agreeable and compliant with power’s dictats , and absolutely despised by both aristocrats and proles. There is such a thing as genuine beauty which speaks directly to the heart, though power may try to stop it, and then there is such a thing as art, and especially music, that speaks to the butt – or rather the very primitive instincts of man.

        90s gangsta rap music, as we discussed on twitter, is a series of thumotic anthems about sovereignty from the white man and po-pos, and dominance over one’s niggas, which high status secures access to bitches and bling. It’s the boast of a warrior prince. The beats themselves are designed to evoke sensations of copulation and struggle. The danger of such butt music is that we’re susceptible to it regardless of whether a king has made it low-status or not because everyone wants to be boss nigger, to kill pigs with impunity, to command the allegiance of all the other niggas and have access to unlimited bitches and bling. We can of course, struggle against our lower instincts at a conscious level, as people did in the past, but because the conscious mind is much, much weaker than our subconscious instincts, in the long run, unless suppressed, arts of the butt will erode the fabric of any society.


  9. Negroes are just another version of the noble savage. A “liberationary figure” who shows how to be. Whether portrayed as rap thugd or Idris Elba, the noble savagery remains.


  10. There is a long history, at least over here, the urban conservative intellectual romanticizing the life of the pure uncorrupted rural peasant. And then when he tries to live there he finds that they are indeed respect-worthy, but he still finds rural life unstimulating, boring and small-minded.

    Thing is, this is escapism. The urban conservative/reactionary intellectual finds that the city was fucked up by Leftists, so he seeks escape. I think something similar might have been going on back then with Roman poets idolizing rural life.

    It is super hard, likely impossible, but the only good solution is taking back the cities. We belong there. I certainly do. What makes it super hard is that it is not only coup-complete, but even the architecture is so screwed up we should rebuild the whole thing roughly along these lines: except the very first one which is crazy.

    Retaking and reconstructing the cities – once there is a chance – will keep urban rightist intellectuals busy enough that they won’t even have the time to try meddling in rural affairs.


    1. The problem of the urban conservative intellectual is his intellect, which is at the same time a cause and an effect of the corruption, which is urbanism, an epiphenomenon of civilization. The small-mindedness and pettiness of peasant life is a feature, not a bug of uncorruptedness. Local politics are petty squabbles over road paving, noise control and local gossip, which is the way it should be. The intellectual grandeur of the urbanite, whether left or right is corrupted by civilization, but it is grand nonetheless. The great appeal of the 20th century was the mass mobilization of entire nations and continents to do… something – anything, really. Anything was better than parochial and/or bourgeois pusillanimous accounting.

      Note that the uncorrupted peasant is comparatively corrupted compared to the nomad, because he is still beholden to land and agriculture. I imagine nomad hordes to be completely politics-free, but teeming with gossip. Did you see that Stacy snuck off to Genghis Chad’s tent last night? Omg what a slut!


      1. We bought a house in a remote village in a relatively backward but not too poor part of Europe. I can see it from the cars that the people are doing okay. And awed by all that open land around the house, I have these plans to build a swimming pool, jacuzzi, playground for the child, open air gym for me… and none of the locals built anything like that! These stuff aren’t expensive if you do it mostly yourself and they aren’t poor. So what? Don’t they like having fun? This is what is small-minded to me, not local politics which I love that it is entirely as apolitical as you described it.

        I think they may be not poor in money but maybe poor in free time. How else to explain that when after a sunny weekend on a rainy week I take my daugther to the communal playground, none of her 20 preschoolmates are there? Maybe dad is building something, mom is cleaning the house, so the kids have to stay home to watch TV. I don’t know.

        > The great appeal of the 20th century was the mass mobilization of entire nations and continents to do… something – anything, really. Anything was better than parochial and/or bourgeois pusillanimous accounting.

        You sound dangerously BAPesque with that 🙂 We are living in the golden age of extreme sports. I take complaints of the boredom of modern life only from people who do parachuting, whitewater kayaking, bungee jumping and whatever else is there. Otherwise, those who don’t even take the excitement that this age has to offer on the cheap and safe, what right they have to complain of boredom when they choose that boredom? BAP works out and travels, Jack Donovan works out and LARPs in the woods with body paint and shaman drums. Nothing the bourgeois accountant would find too scary. Why don’t I see them parachuting and whitewater kayaking? There is one academic linguist guy I know who is a horse-archer recreator. Letting go of the reins of a gallopping horse in order to shoot that bow is hard and dangerous. It is Strenght, Mastery, Courage and Honor right there. What right have those to complain about modern boredom who are not doing stuff like that?


      2. This vaguely hints at why the “mannerbund” idea was adopted by reactionaries. Modernity is great if you just want to have some fun. If all I cared about was entertaining myself, and many do, and are satisfied with panem et circenses, I could work 40 hours a week at even a low wage and fuck sloots, ride motorcycles, read books, shitpost on the internet during my free time. That’s all a blast.

        We’re all here because entertainment, no matter how manly or satisfying, didn’t cut it. We’re all men who feel like something is missing, some sacred goal, great deeds to accomplish. “Boredom” isn’t quite accurate as a descriptor, “anomie” comes closer. Maybe there are some who yearn for the past normative because current year normative is outside of their reach, but they will never lead.

        Strength, Mastery, Courage, Honor, these things fall flat without some telos they are done in fidelity to, becoming the equivalent of porn for a slightly superior type of man. BAPism will result in a kind of contentment for most of his followers once they look good and feel good and do manly things. BAPism is an aesthetics movement, not just visual and verbal but philosophical as well. He is stirring the pot, hoping something will rise to the surface.


      3. Yes. I am using a new term for that sort of telos: Big Story. It basically means the same thing as we tend to discuss as “religion but not in the usual sense”. Christianity, Socialism, Nationalism, Communism, Fascism, Liberalism all counting as Big Stories. A small story is a series of facts, true or false facts, connected logically with selection and emphasis. It is possible to write false stories out of true facts, by being very selective about them, by emphasis, emotional words. But what makes it even weirder is that you cannot decide of a story entirely objectively whether it is true or false. You can do that about the facts it contains, but the truth or falsity of the story requires a value judgement, that which facts deserve to be included, emphasized etc.

        A Big Story is the kind of overarching story that can give meaning and purpose to life. It can also unite society and so on. Reno’s “strong gods”. It does not explain everything but it does mention a lot of things. For example no Big Story can afford to leave science entirely alone, they will include parts of it or argue against parts of it.


      4. Science stripped of its sacral totemic value is engineering information and I consider it as such. I like the old names for it: “Natural Philosophy” or “Natural History”


      5. Doing extreme sports like that would be an example of what Hesse described as feuilletonization, which is characteristic of the modern age’s bourgeois bugman sensibilities. Fun and extreme sports are reserved for the weekends, but we have to be normal during the week and say yes sir at the office, sit indoors, breathe air-conditioned air and stare at screens. Fun and adrenaline are not your way of life but a means of restoring your productivity, which is paramount – to live for adventure is baaaaad. Likewise, it is bad to live for your dream in an intellectual way, it is wrong to engage in art for art’s sake, but you can go to a poetry reading after work to signal how artistic and hip you are. Adventure, art, beauty, adrenaline, it’s all commoditized and touristified and parceled out in bite-sized pieces for consumption by uninspired bugmen so they can think themselves tough guys for a little while and then go back to their dreary jobs where they build other men’s dreams.

        When I go hiking, kayaking, mountain-climbing, when I train martial arts and with weapons, I’m not doing it to refresh myself and become a better slave – I am doing to to self-actualize and in preparation for violent conflict in which I make myself king by my own hand (to use Aidan’s phrasing).

        And yes, this is dangerously BAP-esque, though if you’re asking me, BAP is also a kind of feuilltonist who’d have you waste your energies on replicating Greco-Roman aesthetics but recommends bending the knee to globohomo. He is, however, directionally right insofar as he places aesthetics at the center of thought and action.


    2. Yes. I really have to recommend you read Decline of the West:
      I know that mushy continental philosophy turns you off, and Spengler’s metaphysics are a bit cringe, but everything he writes that is grounded in historical fact is very good, and there is a lot of it.

      The conservative intellectual is a product of the city, inseparable from it, and alien from the pastoral life he feels nostalgia for. The peasant does not think about the esoteric significance of his existence, he simply lives it, taking care of himself and his own.

      Trump in the SOTU displayed the right mindset. He very loudly signals that the peasants are happier and more prosperous under his rule, with a very conspicuous absence of the gnostic notion that he is uplifting and enlightening them, taking credit only for leveling the playing field at the level of executive policy, i.e. trade deals.

      I believe that the city will cease to exist, no matter who wins. The historical necessity of a gathering point and status-arena for elites is eternal, but the internet is usurping and will usurp this role from the physical city. Moldbug with Urbit is building an internet for this contingency, like a cathedral that takes three generations to complete.


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