There aren’t many reactionaries out there, but it seems like almost every one has his own blog. Rather than add to the growing library of scholarly analysis under the banner of neoreaction, I’m aiming to shoot a different angle. I’m young, I’m busy, and I gave up on an academic career years ago. Imagine us in a shady basement dive, a few drinks in, casually talking shit about politics and life. A lot of my posts will be quick commentary on more meticulous blogs.

This is not a “gentle introduction” to reaction. There are plenty of people who can convert a young impressionable intellectual to the dark side. I have nothing but respect for their necessary and useful task.

The point of this project is to totally deprogram leftist thinking out of the right-wing brain. I could have easily called this blog ‘The Medieval Mindset’. Don’t read this unless you’ve already taken a good healthy course of red pills. It’ll burn on the way down, but sobriety is a scary drug to be on when you’ve been a drunk for years.

If I’m vulgar or crude, it’s because you can’t treat the Kali Yuga like an honorable opponent. You go for the guts. And you need a loud alarm clock to wake someone from an opium dream.

One more thing. Read the comments. If I’m ranting about my right-wing extremist items in a pub and a professor happens to walk by and take issue with something I said, or asks for clarification, I’m going to respond to him in a professorial tone. Often with useful elaborations or insights on the original post.