Sexual Manorialism…?

A few years back, a far more degenerate and roguish Aidan MacLear than the one who stands at this pulpit of modern heresies had a certain girl in the place of (dis)honor at the head of his rotating harem of casual fuckbuddies. She was not the prettiest of girls, nor the most pleasant company, nor […]

Culture Meet Axe: Game of Thrones

Turns out that kultur-posting is a lot of fun, so I have one more for you. This isn’t about the TV show, though the same criticisms mostly apply. Fair warning, I do enjoy these books to an extent, because I’m pretty good at pinching my nose and consuming some leftist culture from time to time. […]

Culture Meet Axe: Harry Potter

Welcome to a new series. Don’t worry, we’re not going to be totally shifting focus here. I’m just going to have some fun making steak out of a few liberal sacred cows, and dusting off some legitimately reactionary hidden gems. This post is definitely the former. Man, where to start with Harry Potter? The series […]

Two Feminisms

I haven’t updated over Christmas, partly because I was off visiting family and couldn’t be arsed, and partly because my usual piss-and-vinegar posting is a tad sacrilegious. I also got a Twitter, which shouldn’t be hard for you to find, for low-effort shitposting and throwing peanuts at people more popular and influential than I. Anyway… […]

We are not Rome…

We are Carthage. Why do I draw this comparison? Getting right to the point, just because a cultural practice is authentically your own people’s does not mean it isn’t evil, degenerate, and foolish. Leftism, liberal modernity, crypto-Calvinist Progressivism, resurgent Gnosticism, teh J00s, call it what you will, is a demon summoned of our own volition. […]

Without Comment

Spengler: “A deep transformation sets in first with agriculture- for that is something artificial, with which hunter and shepherd have no touch. He who digs and ploughs is seeking not to plunder but to alter Nature. To plant implies, not to take something, but to produce something. But with this man himself becomes plant– namely […]


Why do idle hands do the devil’s work? The simple truth is that it’s fun. Crime is fun. Being able to fuck someone over and get away with it is a blast. If you’ve never, for example, beaten a man senseless for hitting on your girl, let me tell you: It feels incredible.* The evil […]